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Archive for March, 2007 Line

Dakota With Funny NoseDakota is our good friend. He is just learning to speak English and has a very discerning palate. He is 20 months old.


We went with sky&boat to the Pool Trade Show in mighty Las Vegas, Nevada to see what we could see.

We tried to avoid all the sweatshop produced lingerie and American Apparel girls handing out free socks in bikinis, but our curiousity got the best of us and we went into Magic as we were dying to see how the streetwear scene was looking. The most strinking thing about it wasn’t all of the psychedelic shoes and pose-tastic tees, but the fact that the security guards outside of the streetwear section are enormous and gnarly, all of them absolutely NFL, NBA and UFC rejects. It was frightening.

All in all we had a good time; we drank water that tasted like wax, got a lot of free tote bags and played mindgames with Southwest Airlines. Oh and chandeliers, chandeliers, chandeliers!

The serious hijinx involved sneaking into the Bellagio Buffet and then getting ousted when we lost our nerve. We went back legitimately, to see about those crab legs, only to be booted out (because the place was closing because sneaking and coming back took awhile) before we were even done with our mashed potato course. Obviously, we called back the next day and complained. At which time, we got all new FREE PASSES! So we went back to the buffett for the third time! Ah, Las Vegas, its a scammers paradise! We will be back in August and see if we can get into ‘O’. And maybe stay at the Wynn instead of The Tropicana.
Vegas Meats


We were in Mount Shasta and we wanted to see about some crystal bowls. Not like the kind of crystal bowls that the weel-heeled elderly use to offer pastilles to their guests but the kind of crystal bowls that do right by your shakras.


The Adventure School took to Miami like a fish takes to water. We made the 5415 mile journey for Miami Art Basel in December. We stayed in a trashy hotel with artists, Anne Mathern and Chad Wentzel. Anne was showing work at Art Aqua Miami, organized by the Seattle artists Jaq Chartier and Dirk Park, to be a strong hub of West Coast work.

The Adventure School, Mathern and Wentzel learned that sometimes you have to go to Miami to learn to love Paris. We spent a lot of time hanging out at Le Baron/Paris Paris Miami outpost. We met Nicolas Ullman of Paris’ Ullman Cabarock and sang some rockaroake to Nirvana. All the hot French people decided we were French too and we decided that we were indeed French and we admired their stretch pants and mustaches. hanging-at-paris-paris.JPG

Seattle was well represented at Basel. Luckily, we got to hang at four am bars with local scene mavens like Matthew Richter, Betsey Brock and Erik Fredericksen.

We loved The Art.
More importantly we loved Miami.
We also loved The Parties.

Besides learning to love the French, we learned to love BARR. We saw BARR perform at a party with the members of Paper Rad and the entertaining guy who pulled that Soy Bomb stunt at the Music Video Awards when we were kids. We spotted lots of arty notables at the party like Dash Snow, Dan Colen, Kathy Grayson and A-Ron the Downtown Don.



gc-to-infinity.jpggc-dance-party.jpggc-gold-pump.jpggc-moccassin.jpggc-wild-on-grand-canyon-aviva.jpggc-cori-glamourshot.jpggc-gc-partay.jpggc-cori-pose.jpggc-aviva-collar-pop.jpgThe Grand Canyon is the spiritual home of The Adventure School. We made a pilgrimage there in late September.