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We are here for you!

Reporting live from The Adventure School HQ in Seattle’s International District. Home of the new gate! Just to let you know, the grand opening for the gate is scheduled for Chinese New Year, which falls on February 7, 2008! We will totally be there. If you can’t make it, here is a sneak preview. 1.jpg

Here is a recent self portrait of your fearless adventurers, Adventurer #1 and Additional Adventurer #1. 5.jpg

Also, Adventurer #1 the Second is always here ready to assist in your adventuring needs! 2.jpg

Here is a secretive shot of where the magic happens . . . Studio Six! Come on down if you would like to drink some tea, plan a party or talk adventure!


Just wanted to share a link with everyone to the photos that The Adventure School styled for Anne Mathern and Getty Images. Check ‘em out! They have really hilarious keywords like: Casual, Friendship, Contemplation, Togetherness, Nature, Vacations, Hammock, Sitting, Leaning, Resting, Sleeping, Tree, Fern, Night, Hiding, Giant Sequoia, Redwood National Park, Wellington Boot, Sheltering, Looking Up, Two People, Only Young Women, Only Women, Adults Only, Indian Ethnicity, Relaxation. Please enjoy!

Adventure Stylists!!!


The Adventure School hits the open road. We decided to travel by land on the last leg of the trip. This was to see the best unrestricted views of NorCal and stop at two favorite places, Anna’s house in Ashland and the Middle Earth Crystal shop in Shasta. Everything was whizzing past us then we hit the mountain pass between these two charming destinations and there was a bit of a blizzard. It happened suddenly and then we got dissed by the Oregon Department of Transportation and told to turn back. Apparently, our trusty Prius was not so trusted by the DOT to weather the storm (HA!). Luckily, we happened upon a delightful combination gas station/ liquor store who did not sell chains but did advise us to buy some water in case we became trapped. We heeded their advice and headed on back down the highway to a little gas station thirteen miles north of Yreka. (This is of course dashed Aviva’s hope of making it to the YREKA BAKERY that day, but, eh? Next time?) Where we proceeded to buy chains, look like city slicker, get propositioned by drunks and finally after an hour or two hanging out in the snow, get our chains attached to our car and head back on the highway. We made it and were welcomed with open arms into a winter wonderland. Awesome!

The next day we drove eight hours to Seattle. Making note that central Oregn raises more Sheep then we’d ever seen and that listening to hits of the 90′s on the radio is dreamy. Yay!


The Adventure School is currently at its annual company-wide off-site strategic planning session. This year we have chosen to stay on the beautiful Northern California coast about 150 miles north of San Francisco. The place we are staying, Beit Yam is in a stunning locale called Irish Beach nestled halfway between the quaint village of Mendocino & the artist community, Gualala. The sweeping vistas offering us inspiration are the endless crashing sea and turkey-vultures and more than the occasional rainbow right outside of our front door. Additionally, we have been enjoying the multiple non-wood burning stoves and limitless access to t.v. shows about millionaires trying to score girlfriends, over-the-top weddings and people learning to be runway designers.

Another great facet of staying at Beit Yam is its proximity to an amazing hippie town called Point Arena. This little community consists of an all volunteer library, natural foods store and movie theatre. Not to mention gorgeous local foliage and exuberant local businesses sporting fanciful exteriors. Ah, Northern California!


One of The Adventure School’s favorite adventurers, Mathew Chasan, just returned to Seattle after a stint scuba-diving in the Red Sea. He brought with him tales galore of the far-away land and several great pictures modeling the world’s best adventure gear. Behold! adventure-at-the-pyramids.jpgme-math-and-the-sphinx.jpgme-adventuring-rules.jpgmathew-meets-egyptians.jpgme-looking-right.jpg


then, you can roll with us. After an enchanting walk through the always endearing SFMoMA and a sneak peak into the MacWorld conference, we were pounding the pavement big time.

First stop, Aviva’s favorite Thai restaurant of all time, Osha Thai Noodle Cafe on Geary. At Osha Thai Noodle Cafe we ordered the Tom Ka soup and Yellow Curry. It was delicious, the staff was super laid-back and the contemporary Hip-hop and RB jams flowed like a mighty river.

From there it was up the hill to a shop opened by friends, Elle Meme on Russian Hill. We walked up the hill to 1210 Union street where we enjoyed scoping out all the vintage jewels from the blingy gold and rhinestone hoop earrings to the smooth enchanting bakelite bracelets.

We walked down one hill to walk up another hill to find the Grace Cathedral. At the Cathedral, we walked the labyrinth, where I practiced some mantras and then Aviva told me about the historical beginnings of labyrinths.

All of the walking was beginning to wear on us and we decided to hop on a cable car. In a scene right out of a Wes Anderson film, we were informed that the fare was five dollars, a price too steep for two pro-walkers, so it was a thrill ride for two short stops and then, BAM!, back to the new walk city. We were on the hunt for some espresso anyways. We walked through Chinatown, all aglow with ‘Year of the Rat’ paraphernalia and finally we found North Beach, home of the sidewalk coffee! We also sampled some totally killer gelato, including for the first time, Creme Brulee.


On January 13th, 2008 The Adventure School built a wedding show booth for Dr. Tamar Wishnatzky and Barbara Stern showcasing their work in pre-marital counseling. The Bridal Showcase was held in Sacramento at Cal Expo. The ‘Marriage Success Tools’ booth we designed and executed was sandwiched in between a DJ and a cupcake caterer. The showcase was housed in one of eight buildings overflowing with 6000 brides and lined with copious booths from professional California d.j.’s, bands, bridal salons, formalwear, cakes, photographers, videographers, florists, honeymoon sites, favors and invitations. The booth we created for Dr. Wishnatzky and Mrs. Stern was hub of activity and the only one of its kind.


Are you kidding me right now? This place is awesome. For real. After sleeping off the rock and roll neck aches of birthday dancemania at The Transfer at our pal Jeremy’s house in the Inner Sunset, we had a delicious Pakistani meal complete with my two all time favorites, Chai tea and pickled mango relish. With this rejuvenating meal under our belts, we, adventurers, set off to conquer the massive Golden Gate park on the hunt for Herzog and deMeuron’s M.H. DeYoung Museum. We could see its iconic tower hovering above the trees and were able to find it with ease.

The copper plated shell was glowing in the hazy San Francisco sunlight and it was even more impressive up close than from far away. Personally, I feel that the external lighting fixtures are a dream and I wish I could have one outside of my house for life. The building is achingly beautiful but it pales in comparison to the panoramic sweeping views of the whole of San Francisco and the bay offered by the tower. The site specific installations were okay; particularly corny were the works of Kiki Smith, Gerhard Richter and Ed Ruscha. I totally loved the exhibition Chim: The Photography of David Seymour. Collection-wise the hot fire was The Jolika Collection of New Guinea Art including cultural artifacts including exquisite sculptures, tools, real skulls (??) and decorations made of human teeth. There were also several sweet pieces of contemporary American work.

All in the all, the architecture was number one. The art was a close second.


San Francisco is a thinking city, this is obvious and fantastic. The Adventure School decided to take some inspiration and stay for a week. First things first, there was an adventure birthday to celebrate. I, Cori Ready, had the lucky opportunity to turn twenty eight years old. So, to ring it in right we headed straight to our favorite raw hippie explosion in the Mission to Cafe Gratitude to get high on vegan organic smoothies. Awesome. I am birthday! Then a crew of true adventurers gathered together for a low-key dinner at The Herbivore on Valencia. The celebrants included key members, Rob and James of local San Francisco (by way of Wilmington, Delaware) rock band, The Chop, the face of The Adventure School, Wilbert Williams and model/journalist Vauhini Vara. I had the shawarma, including grilled seitan, seasoned onions, tomatoes, hummus, hot sauce, pickles & tahini in a wrap. After getting a free ride from an amorous Taxi driver to the Castro we went dancing at The Transfer, where it was settled for all time upon meeting a young ace dancer, that Puerto Ricans are some of this great nation’s, best dancers.


As we all know, the real thing is even better than the opening sequence to “The O.C.”. The Adventure School arrived in Nor Cal on January 11th to work its magic for Dr. Tamar Wishnatzky at the Bridal Showcase. As winning as any design team ever, The Adventure School worked wonders on the basic booth we were handed. The magic weapon turned out to be several sets of glam curtains fashioned into tiny walls. The perfect compliment to the curtains were thirty original color agate balloons and six white porcelain cake plates with various decorative edges including two threaded with grosgrain ribbon.

The highlights of the bridal showcase experience included getting our hair and makeup done by sassy students from a beauty school, a display of nearly fifty cakes and most of all, the sweet dance moves of the DJ’s next door.