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Peep this new feature of our blog, it’s called: Getting to Know Our Neighborhood. Today, we decided to go on a FACTORY TOUR! Our building is called Noodle Works, in the beginning, when we first moved into our studio, there were no noodles. After a few months, the noodles came back. We were totally pumped! Today, we finally made our move and took a factory tour. Photos were strongly prohibited so I will have to regale you with the details and a few “after” shots. The noodle factory in question is called Wan Hua Foods. They are distributed by the noodle mega-house, Sun Luck Foods. We had a chance to see the noodles being rolled out on a giant belt, cut by a magical blade, steamed, oiled and packaged. Thankfully, we were all able to take our pick of noodle booty. Philip got the Chow Mein, Aviva got Yakisoba, I got vibrantly green Vegetable Noodles and Ema Iwata got everybody’s favorite, Udon Noodles. From here on forward we vow to cut the fossil fuels out of our noodle consumption supply chain and eat Wan Hua. Thanks Tony and Wan Hua! See you in time for our next noodle feed. wan-hua-food.jpg noodle-hairnets.jpgvegetable-noodle.jpg



I went to see the Jen Stark and Diem Chau show at OK OK Gallery mostly because the blogosphere is going nuts about it! When we arrived, it was closed for a minute which worked out great as we then had an opportunity to head over to our pal Joel’s store, Twenty Twenty. It is here where I really cemented the desire to get some grey boots.
So, after a few moments we went back to the Gallery and our friend Eric Fisher was back in full effect manning the ship. The art was cool. You can read all about it everywhere, but I was and have been mesmerized ever since by the site specific installation by Jen Stark involving filling a huge crack in the poured concrete floor with rainbow paper scraps in a ROY G BIV formation. It is the most whimsical thing I have seen in months. Which is pretty good, as I am a real whimsy hunter. Someone, quickly! Use this idea in your house or for a party. If you don’t, I will have to.

pics courtesy of Ema Iwata


Dear Gentle Reader,
This is the newest edition of Party Tipssssss!
One of the most important things an Adventurer can do is brainstorm. It is likely that before Sir Ernest Shackleton decided to make his Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition he had a serious brainstorm sesh. Also, you just know that he had some REALLY wacky ideas before he settled on this one. This brings us to the fact of the all-important “Blue Light Session”. That is what we call it, basically, it is a no-holds barred mega brainstorming meeting wherein all parties, usually The Adventure School team, come together and think of as many ideas as we can. Then we take those ideas and expand. We say, the party is called, “Goth Christmas, don’t die before Santa comes” and then we get to a point where all the presents should be accented with black ostrich feathers instead of bows as toppers. Brainstorming is invaluable. Please practice it at home when you are trying to throw a party, apparently there is no scientific evidence that it works but I really feel like it does. Now, just to be a person who shows as well as tells, I just did a brainstorm for general party ideas, here they are:

“Salmon Season Bear Rally
Monsters in the Woods
Snow Storm Approaching
Desert Wedding
Shhhh. . . You are in a library
Modern designer. . . I’m just in here making chairs
Wood Shop
Puerto Rico is still in the US sort of
I’m stuck inside a pad of graph paper
All the glitters is always gold
Art School
Literary Salon
West Coast is the Best Coast
Cute and Friendly Ghosts
Paul Reveresque
Feast at the King’s Place
Badger Mountain Morning
Romulus and Remus – CUTE!
Serbo-Croat Holiday Vacation
I don’t have a ticket for this train that I am riding
Ribbon Lovers of the World, Unite and Take Over”

And there you have it, over twenty ideas that would be easy to transform into branding for a party! Voila! Get out there and brainstorm, fellow party lovers!


The Northwest Film Forum screening of Morgan Neville’s “The Cool School” that I viewed tonight was a welcome addition to my battery of West Coast mythology. In my head I call it The Cool School, How LA Learned How to do the Damn Thing and Start Loving Contemporary Art. The film was good, although, when I emerged from the theatre I felt a little bit like Wynona Ryder in “Reality Bites” wherein she is all pumped about her documentary being shown on TV and Ben Stiller (her bf) has totally “edited” it to within an inch of its MTV-addled life, I still really enjoyed not only the content but the form. Perhaps, the music ‘videoisation’ of the work is a subtle nod to the Californian Abstract Expressionists reliance on getting high and getting jazzy, the documentarian never admits to this, but its nice to assume that was the idea.

I am blogging about this because I was overcome by the real sense of The Adventure Schoolian ‘Taking it to the Limit Every Time’-ism that the whole LA scene they portray employs, including particularly Walter Hopps, Irving Blum and their stable of wild artists. Let them be some trail blazers alerting us to set ourselves ablaze when that is what the recipe for adventure calls for.


To celebrate Aviva’s birthday in style this year, we threw her a surprise birthday bash. Not just any surprise party but a totally BOLLYWOOD Birthday Film Festival! All the buddies came to eat, drink, and behold the many bounties of Bollywood. From Amitabh Bachchan’s hilarious old-man mischief to Aishwarya Rai’s sparkling eyes, Bollywood is the real deal, a veritable bastion of love and magic.

To give Aviva a little birthday love and magic we set up a ten by ten tent and draped exotic indian fabrics from three sides, including a door. We filled the tent with a regency style sofa, chaise, mattress, endless pillows and exotic textiles. From the middle of the tent we hung a chandelier. Then we hung an old school map backwards from the wall on the side of the tent without a “wall”, in this way we created a Bollywood film tent! Where throughout the party we showed Bollywood favorites such as, Kyun! Ho Gaya Na . . ., Kuch Naa Kaho, Tere Naam and everyone’s favorite murder mystery GUMNAAM.

The party also featured a shrine to Aviva, a grapefruit and gold leaf mountain and garlands of hand-made orange crepe flowers. The cuisine consisted of Basmati rice, spiced dal, pappadum, naan, channa saag, tofu korma and don’t forget . . .apple pie!?! Other important features of throwing a Surprise Bollywood Film Festival Birthday Bash are having Bindis for everybody, bringing the birthday girl a sari straight from India, Indian beer and enough Mango Lassi’s to go around.

Now, after watching at least sixteen hours of Bollywood (just two movies, ha! any fan will know that the films are much loooooooonger than Hollywood movies), I feel like Aishwarya Rai is the MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD. And. . . real romance exists only in Hindi!



In the great tradition of The Adventure School, we decided to land travel back from the miracle in the desert, Las Vegas. There is really nothing like land travel and/or hard travel to really get the creative juices flowing. So, amongst the many points of interest on the route back from Nevada, our favorite was clearly in Crater Lake, Oregon. (Oregon’s only national park).

WIZARD ISLAND!!!!wizard-island.jpg

On Wizard Island, in Crater Lake the wizards are obviously wearing pine needle robes, toting branch wands and brewing potions in the large cauldron that doubles as a volcano. I guess it is time to plan a party called Wizard Island. If you plan one, please send us the pictures. proof-of-wizardoid.jpg

Ema, says that she gets really inspired just thinking the name Wizard Island. What does it make you think of? We think that a good way to throw a stellar event would be to first think of a name and then base your party on that name. Just think of Wizard Island, for a primo example. this-is-really-wizard-island.jpg


So . . . we are going to start presenting, you, people of the world, with PARTY TIPSSSSSSS! Yeah! Perhaps, we will even start formatting them in such a way that you, at home, will be able to print them up and store them in a little recipe box. And, if you would like, you can label that box, “recipes for fun” or somesuch.

So, to kick it off right, here are a few tips about Attendance at parties.

1. Doesn’t matter how many people show up. You need to bring the fun and bring the party.
2. If only two people show up, realize that YOU are 1/3 of the party. Make it count.
3. Fill a space! If there are only a few people, move to a section of the party venue that is more intimate.
Bonus Tip: If you are having a fundraiser, invite people for free to fill the space.

Stay tuned to The Adventure School dot com for more party tipssssss.
kenny-joe-and-the-lion.jpg Just another The Adventure School party moment caught on camera.


On my walk to work this morning I saw a VALENTINE’S TREE!!!! But, I was caught with no camera! ALAS! But, I will tell you, dear reader, that it is in the Eastlake neighborhood, sort of near TOPS school. Someone decorated the tree outside their apartment with all manner of red hearts (hundreds of them)!!!! YAY!!!! The cutest thing in the world! Love lives! vday-2008.jpg
In lieu of a photo of the elusive Valentine’s Tree here is a popular Seattle Valentine’s skyline flickr flick by Denny Trimble.


This year at Pool we are bunking with Mary Meyer of Mary Meyer Clothing. Mary’s clothes are totally dope. And so is she. Here at The Adventure School we are down with anybody who will call one of her garments Snake Dance Biggie. Check her and her Knot a Wife Beater tanks out. snake-dance-biggie.jpg