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Archive for May, 2008 Line

Tomorrow night! Be there! The Adventure School is donating an awesome auction item! UPDATE: The live auction went amazingly well. The Adventure School’s small celebration package went for over $1,500. WOO HOO! We rule! Chaya rules! Auction item bidders rule!


A hot and sweaty dance party from 2012 is tomorrow! We are making the party decorations. Be there! Chop Suey!


Thanks to our friend and Chaya volunteer Phelps Feeley we have been turned on to the awesome vision of this organization. Like many of the best nonprofits in Seattle, Chaya has a small staff but over 100 active volunteers and provides super important services- mainly assistance to DV survivors/ victims in Seattle’s large (and growing) South Asian communities…they have volunteers and clients and outreach events happening in the East Side, Kent, Capital Hill, and UW. People feel very strongly about them because they also serve as a community-building organization in these areas. Basically, they are rad and impact a lot of folks.

They partner with UW and other independent orgs to bring about events all over town on a fairly regular basis. Chaya receives the bulk of their money from a single event: the Annual Chaya Auction. So, that is why The Adventure School has decided to step up to the plate and volunteer our services, in the form of a party package as an item in the live auction. WOO HOO!


I just received this dispatch from this week’s intrepid guest blogger, Brigid Quinn,” Cori… get this…
Yesterday at 4:30 p.m. the old school house (located near teacher housing) was set on fire. It was really scary. There is not fire truck or fire department here. So the town made a long line and passed buckets of water down the line from all the ponds to the building. Finally, they got the hose from the old broken down fire truck working and pumped water out of the river. The blaze almost spread to the houses around the school house. All the men in town were going into the fire, and coming out coughing and some yakked. Then they started to tear off all of the outside boards of the building to get inside at different places. I have never seen a community work together so well, within 10 minutes of the initial smoke sightings, the whole town was there, including school administrators, village tribal council, and all the high school boys were helping too. I took some Jr. girls into my house, and we started ripping up t-shirts for the men to tie around their noses. The smoke was really bad, and some asbestos from the school house was on fire. But, after about 2 hours the fire was out…. Scary”.

Luckily, our heroine and her community were not hurt in the blaze but what an ordeal!




Some more dispatches and photographs from Brigid and her Alaskan educator’s education.

“My new pup’s name is Buck (Bucket of love). The kids are always around teachers’ quarters. And one day a bunch brought a bird into my house… that is the first picture.


The boy holding the bird is Cuke (chukie), and one of the little girls in the back is one of my students named Katherine. Ummm, well the tundra pick is out near the airport were I went wild cranberry (red berries) picking.


I am living in rural conditions. Only the teachers have running water, everyone else uses rain catch or melted snow. It’s fucking rad”.



In August of 2007, intrepid young adventurer Brigid Quinn relocated from sunny Seattle, Washington to a small town 12 miles outside of Bethel, Alaska to teach members of the Yup’ik tribe their third grade education. This young adventurer Quinn has a Master’s in Teaching and a Bachelor’s in Cultural Anthropology from that most venerable of institutions, The University of Washington. We have been receiving her dispatches all year. She is coming home soon for summer vacation and to commemorate we will be giving her some guest blogging duties, for now, here is a spotty year in review:

An early dispatch from Quinn reads thusly, “I can promise you now, there will be a book and movie made out of this.
for starters, my newspapers will be arriving there before me, and by newspapers I mean People, Star, and Us Weekly.

Honestly, this is a dream come true, a perfect match between my undergrad in Cultural anthro, and teaching. It will be the hardest thing I have EVER done, and I am so scared I might shit my pants, however, being scared should not prevent me from doing anything. I will keep in touch, I will have no TV, or cell phone, i only hope to have internet so i can spent my free time e-mailing people. However, only 70% of the village has running water, so I will not get my hopes up. If you would like to know more about my travel, and give me something to do…other then watch the Northern lights and Polar bears trying to eat my cat (yes, I am bringing Millie the wonder cat), give me your address and I will write you letter. Off to the gold rush for the B rizzle!”

And so it begins.


One of The Adventure School’s very favorite adventurers, set designer, muralist, television interior designer and jet-setter Megan Szczecko has a film showing this weekend in NYC at the IFC Center. The film, SANGRE DE MI SANGRE (originally titled: Padre Nuestro), won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival in 2007,

Megan says, “this will be the first time I or anyone outside the festival will be able to see the finished version of the film”. For me information see the IFC website. Go see evidence of Megan’s brazilliant design skills, if you are in NYC this weekend. Just another adventurer in action!
megan-the-wall-expert.jpgthe-real-megan.jpg sangre-de-mi-sangre.jpg


Our studio-mates Sylvia and Ted are playing shows tomorrow that are NOT to be missed! Come support some excellent artists as they play their hearts out for you!

Sylvia is leaving Velella Velella after tomorrow’s show, so this is a timely matter, it will be your last time to see them perform all together in the same band. But don’t take my word for it, here is what the girl of the hour, Sylvia Chen, had to say about it:

“I’ve just come back from a month long tour with Velella Velella and it has been such a amazing and fulfilling time touring with the band one last time. We played great shows – some of our best, I believe – and shared moments with good, good people. As for myself, there was much introspection and positive motion – I feel like I’ve come back a new person”.

See you Friday, May 9th at the Showbox Sodo Lounge.

Velella Velella
The Long Ranger
Doors 8:30pm
Showbox Sodo Lounge
1700 1st Ave S