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Archive for August, 2008 Line

The Adventure School is excited to be embarking on the journey of our first destination wedding tomorrow. Phoebe Feeley and Julian Allen will be wedded this weekend in Yosemite. Their wedding will take place at the Strawberry Music Festival and we are excited to be going. Aviva has long been part of the Strawberry Music Festival tradition but this year will mark my first attendance and I am so pumped.

As we are both enamored of the West Coast we will be roadtripping down to Yosemite. We leave tomorrow. Fortunately, we get to combine fun with friends and fun with work. Our friend Jennifer Sung of San Francisco has been up visiting us in Seattle and luckily she drove and we are getting the chance to drive back with her. And, we are taking our buddy Emma Schwartzmann along or the ride. Awesomely enough, both Jenn and Emma are headed to Berkley this weekend to attend a Slow Foods conference.

The other day we were headed to the beach and all four of us were in the car, little did we know that we would be headed to the same area over Labor Day weekend. We knew then that each of us would combine our plans to make one AWESOME road trip! Kismet! We will tell you how it goes!


Brad Benner welcomed in his thirties with a fabulous bash for all of his pals. With psychic Maria Lujan de Peralta on board amid a sea of metallic megaloons people partied the night away. His guests enjoyed fabulous vegan peanut butter and jelly cake by The Flying Apron and delicious drinks/eats by Vermillion Gallery. Charitable contributions were made by the party guests to three separate organizations close to Brad’s heart: PRIDE Foundation, Washington CASH and Cancer Lifeline.

Photo by Jenny Jimenez.


Ema Iwata’s shoulder, folks!!! How’s that for inspired? ema-getting-tattooed.jpg


Hello gentle reader, let’s talk a walk down the not too distant cinematic memory lane, while I wait to get a sandwich from Saigon Deli . . . In addition to the visual sensuality and childish humor of an animatronic tiger, hand-painted sets and Adrien Brody’s enormous poetic feet, the movie, The Darjeeling Limited is moving, moving enough to keep itself fresh in my mind, much more so than the average movie-goer and/or hipster would have you believe. Just think about this line:

“We haven’t located us, yet”.

What does it mean to you? The relevancy of the phrase lies in the mystery of the everyday. What are we doing? Why are we doing it? Are we getting IT done? What is the deal with this relationship/business/lifestyle?

A good friend of mine named Sam Rousso once said, “Do you want to get involved with this world?”

In the beginning, the characters aren’t so sure, and in the end they are. They do! (Not since Levar Burton in Reading Rainbow was dropping knowledge on me straight from the PBS have I felt any ‘moral’ quite so blatant and LOVED it). Anyways, “Do YOU want to get involved with this world?” Yeah! We do, too! That is the essence of adventure. Thanks and please plan a party for someone this weekend.

We haven’t located us yet . . .


As I previously reported, close adventure associate and all around dynamo, Emma Schwartzmann has added to her ultra skillz as a an up-and-coming lifestyle expert by attending the Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland. Fortunately for us, she has returned to the mothership! She has been back less than 24 hours and she has already enlivened our senses through the power of handpicked and handmade Irish elderflower cordial in our morning cup! Look for updates on all of her fun lifestyle projects here on the BLOG.


We have had a lot of participation on the survey since yesterday. Some answers are really surprising. And, they are so fun to read. I will give you a sneak peek into what YOU all are saying:

Answers for “Something FREE to do in the city” have been hilar:
Watching every crow in the city roosting at dusk in Louisa Boren park. (15th Ave E and E Olin PL, 98102)
Walk around and go to free wine hour (5-6) at any Kimpton hotel

Answers for “What do you find distinct about Seattle” are inspired!:
The great sense of omnipresent nature.
It is the closest port to Asia.

More to come in the days to follow. Thanks for filling out the survey. Seattle is the best.


As it says in our ‘About us’ section. We believe in adventure. Our motto is Semper Ad Extremum. The translation from the Latin is Take it to the Limit Every Time.

We are putting this practice into action by hosting a study abroad student intern for 9 months. She comes to us through a program called The Council on International and Cultural Exchange (CIEE) and she arrives in TWO WEEKS!

CIEE’s Mission is “to help people gain understanding, acquire knowledge, and develop skills for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world”.

Please help us show our new intern the ropes! She is arriving straight from Paris, we need you, to fill out this survey for her SEATTLE ADVENTURE BINDER: Click here to take survey


The PopCap Games Summer Picnic was held Saturday August 2nd at Magnuson Park. We created a Neu-Rave Circus atmosphere for the PopCap staff, family and friends. There were tons of kids enjoying the Italian Soda bar and cotton candy while watching a Circus show by
Circus Contraption. Folks were seated in the whimsical beer garden enjoying Choppers and Manny’s by the Georgetown Brewing Company, local draft cider and local wines, eating delicious pizza and salads by Veraci Pizza while big props like 12 six foot banners hung from the nearby amphitheatre. Kids and adults alike were wild for the pedal powered spin art machine conceived by The Adventure School and created by Haulin’ Colin and the tile painting garden. Dog wranglers, kid wranglers and delicious cooking by Skillet were enjoyed by all. The prizes for the Human/Pet Lookalike contest were distributed to a stunning man/dog combo and over 300 dollars was raised in one hour for the Chicken Soup Brigade at the Charity Dunk Tank populated by various PopCap staffers.