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Archive for October, 2008 Line

Happy Howl-O-Ween. Please enjoy these photos of us and ours in traditional Halloween tomfoolery. a-girl-and-a-dog.jpg baby-wolf.jpgbunny-portrait.jpgbuns.jpgconnect-the-dots.jpghanging-with-my-gnomies.jpgla-familia-grouch-marx.jpglettuce-be-friends.jpgmeghan-in-a-mask.jpgoktoberfest.jpgone-man-band.jpgtallia.jpg BOO!!!


Halloween is fun because it kicks off a season of awesomeness. Holiday time is the best and Halloween is the first game of the year. So, this weekend, we gathered together at our beloved pal’s Ken and Joe’s lovely home on Capitol Hill to carve some pumpkins and get the cheer started right! After dining on delicious soup served straight from a pumpkin and other autumnal goodies, everyone got down to business taking out their spoons, knives, serrated pumpkin tools and even a jigsaw. alexis-the-maker-of-the-obama-pumpkin.jpg
Alexis and her Obama pumpkin
Everybody get pumpkin-y!
This is my Thanksgiving/Eating Themed masterpiece
One of our fair party hosts, Kenny!


On Friday we went to the opening party for the new Vivace on Capitol Hill in the Brix Building. The new space is really cute. I think I could get into it. It doesn’t look out over the park though like at the old timey Vivace, it looks out over a giant hole in the earth on the other side of Broadway, but, eh? Maybe it will feel “urban” next time I am in there drinking a cup of coffee and chatting with a pal. Here is some IPhone photography of the event. open-for-business.jpgthe-entertainment.jpgfood-at-the-new-vivace.jpg


Only a few days left! EEK! On Friday we were lucky enough to help out at a fundraising luncheon featuring Al Gore on behalf of Christine Gregoire at the Sheraton downtown. Al Gore is an amazing speaker and he touted Governor Gregoire as a serious leader in the future of climate change. So, do your part and vote Gregoire on Tuesday!



Mad Hatter Tea Party
The Adventure School is sponsoring Parent Trust’s annual Mad Hatter Tea Party. Parent Trust works to create safe, healthy families across Washington State. They provide a variety of free and low-cost programs to all members of a family. Please join us in supporting Parent Trust for Washington Children on Saturday, November 1. Get ready for delicate tea sandwiches, face painting, hat making, card houses and Buy your tickets on line at


We like HUGE things. Most things can benefit from shrinking them, making them giant and/or anthropomorphising them. Dreamcatchers are a great example of something that we think is awesome that can only become more awesome by supersizing. Here are a few “making of” photos to get you thinking. Oh, and who wants to be a dreamcatcher for Halloween? I think we can help! P.S. This is Morgane’s first dreamcatcher! She’s a natural. giant.jpghard-at-work.jpgmorganes-first-dreamcatcher.jpg




Welcome to Montana
The Adventure School toured Montana volunteering in Obama/Biden offices across the state. These people are excited, organized, hopeful and they know how to plan a party.
Volunteers led by Anita Paoli in Livingston, MT decorating for a Rock the Vote Concert
St. Regis Ghost Dog, our road trip vehicle and campaigning side kick enters Yellowstone for a quick Pro-American look at this our oldest and most popular National Park, Yellowstone.
Old Faithful!
The Obama office on the Flathead Reservation.
A prospector between the ghost towns of Nevada City and Virginia City. This man was so happy to see the Obama signs on St. Regis Ghost Dog!


The Adventure School’s crew a établit son QG dans le Montana durant la semaine dernière.

Nous avions plusieurs missions à accomplir :

1. Soutenir les volontaires dans la campagne de Barack Obama dans chacunes de nos villes-étapes.
2. Assister Mark Mappala dans le projet qu’il réalisait avec ses étudiants en architecture de l’université MSU
3. Et enfin, trouver de l’inspiration dans les magnifiques paysages du Wild West que nous avons visité.

Et comme d’habitude toutes ces missions ont été remplies à 200% !

En effet, nous avons visité plusieurs QG de campagne à Bozeman, Livingston et à Missoula. Nous y avons fait des rencontres exceptionnelles avec des personnes aux profils très différents mais que le même engagement politique et la même énergie réunissent. Parmis eux, l’actrice Margot Kidder alias Lois Lane dans Superman qui donne de son temps pour B.Obama à Livingston et Charlie qui s’occupe avec elle de trois comtés du Montana.

Mais également Gyasi, rencontré à Missoula, qui depuis huit ans se bat pour que les démocrates reviennent au pouvoir.

Enfin nous avons apprécié et encouragé les efforts de deux jeunes lycéenne qui ont créé un groupe de soutien à Obama dans leur lycée de Missoula, ainsi ceux de la leader des ‘students democrat’ à l’université MSU de Bozeman qui a organisé une superbe soirée pour le débat entre les deux candidats.

Mark Mappala, notre guide à Bozeman, a mené avec succès son entreprise. Voici les photos de l’exposition qu’il a réalisée avec ses étudiants.

Enfin nous avons eu tout le temps de nous inspirer des magnifiques paysages du Montana. Dans la réserve naturelle de Yellowstone nous avons observé des geysers et des animaux que nous n’avions jamais vu de si près (à part peut-être dans nos assiettes…).
Puis nous sommes projetées un siècle et demie plus tôt lors de notre visite des ‘’ghost towns’’ sur la route de la ruée vers l’or.

En un mot, ce fût une semaine magique dont nous revenons avec des idées plein la tête !


The Adventure School is working in the wild west for a week.
One of it’s missions is to help Obama’s supporters in Bozeman, MT.
Therefore, Tuesday evening, we joined the Montana State University Student Democrat to watch the debate. The energetic leader of the student group managed to create a good atmosphere, and to gather the major part of the well-thinking students from MSU around free pizzas. The teachers were there too.


Our enthusiasm increased after the debate, and we decided to keep supporting this deeply committed group. Thus, on Saturday we might walk at the parade she organizes before coming back to Seattle ! Pictures will follow !