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Archive for November, 2008 Line

Grand Geometrician’s Ball by Patrick Wright .


On Saturday morning, The Adventure School made our way to Volunteer Park for the Seattle Anti-Prop 8 Rally and March. It was awesome! There was a huge turnout of queer folks and heterosexual allies. Ron Sims gave the best speech that I have ever seen him give! And the MC was a great young 21 year-old Queer (and Mormon?) activist named Kyler Powell. I was proud of the Washingtonian’s onstage and all of the families around me including my friend Mike’s hetero parents who drove in from Bellevue to take a stand for equality. kids-love-love.jpglove-not-h8.jpglove.jpgmarriage-equality-now.jpgseattle-is-anti-prop-8.jpgsky-love-people-love.jpgtree-love-people-love.jpg



On Friday, I was walking to the corner of Queen Anne Ave N and Roy St preparing to see the ugliest park in the world when I was enchanted by a PLEASANT and MAGICAL surprise! The ugliest park in the world had left its cocoon and blossomed into a swan. Yep, the concrete monstrosity had been transformed by some powerful lighting. All the boozy people were flocking out of such venerable establishments as Chopstix to descend on the magically Aurora Borealisified space. There were “oooohs”, “aaaahs”, group portraiture and curious toddlers. Luckily, we ran into someone (a landscape architect on the project or something) who told us that this pot of gold would soon disappear as the rainbow was really a malfunction and not the true intent of the newly installed powerlights. So, behold . . . on-the-fly iPhone documentation of an urban gem.


Studio Six has a new member! The Adventure School is elated to have the indomitable Justine Ashbee working in our studio. Justine is a visual artist, dreamer and babe. She is also a force to be felt as a collaborator on the new Seattle gallery and boutique Cairo located at 507 East Mercer Street on Capitol Hill. (Cairo is near the corner of Summit and Mercer).


Some more info about Cairo.

thursday – 2 ¬ 7 pm
saturday and sunday 12-6 pm






I have taken the liberty of compiling some fashionspirations for the Grand Geometrician’s Ball. Just in case you were wondering what we are talking about when we say, “Please come to the most masonic party of the year,” we are talking mostly about symbols, fashion and secrecy.

masonic-symbol.giflook-like-george-or-chuckblair.jpgaprons.gif a-little-patriotic.jpgcolonial-wigs.jpgdress-like-george-washington.jpgfounding-fathers-chic.jpgjust-dress-up.jpglook-like-money.jpgmasonic-bling.jpgold-timey.jpgover-the-top-masonic-lady.jpgruffles.jpgsashes.jpgwear-some-breeches.jpg


black-by-anne-mathern.jpgThere are only four days left of the exhibition by our friends at Crawl Space Gallery, Anne Mathern and Chad Wentzel. Go see it on Saturday the 15th or Sunday the 16th! One uber-bonus is that you can see a photograph of yours truly taken by the indomitable Anne Mathern. Here is what an awesome local blogger had to say about my portrait as forest creep/feral woman. In her new art blog Translinguistic Other. “For me, the most compelling object in the current exhibition is a photograph titled “Black” by Anne Mathern. . . The model is a friend of the artist and the tree is located in a well-traveled public park, but the illusion is complete: this woman is the absolute embodiment of the wilderness, that dark and mysterious “other” that alternately terrorizes and seduces civilized men in their wildest blood-soaked dreams. Like the strategically positioned teepees along the National Mall, she is here simply to tell us that she is still here—even after all the broken treaties, all the demonized mother goddesses, all the wanton exploitation of natural resources—she is here, staring back at us with an unbreakable gaze that we are only now able to guess the meaning of:

I was here long before you were, Pilgrim. And I outlive you, every time!”

Hurry on down to Crawl Space this weekend to see:

Acculturation in a Pre-Apocalyptic Age

Here is info about the artists as I have taken directly from their website.

“Crawl Space member artists and best friends Anne Mathern and Chad Wentzel present new video, sound, and sculptural works responding to a stretch of solitude in the wilderness. Based on Wentzel’s quasi Vision Quest of solitary truth-seeking in the Olympic National Forest, the works in This is the Worst Trip represent a kinship in the taking-on of culture and spirituality.

In Wentzel’s sound piece “Dona Nobis Pacem,” the artist sings a Latin hymn as learned with his younger sister in Parochial grade school. Completing the round is his sister Dana, who joins him over the phone from her new home in Alaska. Their reunion revolves not around any spiritual connection to the hymn itself but rather a connection between one another through the religious practice they assimilated fifteen years ago.

For her latest video work, Anne Mathern appropriates her best friend’s sub-cultural past by memorizing and performing a freestyle rave dance the artist had recorded months prior. Taking on the absurd task of mimicking Wentzel’s style and completely random movement, Mathern subverts the original expressive intentions of the dance and reduces them to a learnable cultural identity”.




We are laying the foundations for the third annual Crawl Space Gallery Fundraiser at this very moment. This will be the party of the century! So, if you want to come, the time is nigh to RSVP. If you would like to attend please RSVP to Aviva! is the place to send details, like how many millions you are donating and who you are romancing by bringing to the most masonic party of all time. The event is Saturday November 22! There will be DJ’s, dancing and libations aplenty.


You can videochat in gmail now!!!!!!! WHOA!!! WHOA! The future is now! First, Barack and NOW THIS! YEEEEEEAH! I would show you a screenshot of me videochatting but then you would know that I am in my pajamas! No, just kidding, I’m not in my pajamas. Or am I?



The Adventure School thanks our American veterans for their service!!!

Please visit, Veterans for Peace.



Friend of Adventure, Nancy Chang, has been nominated by L’Oréal Paris as a 2008 Woman of Worth for her work with Skate Like a Girl. She is awesome! So, it is up to us to vote for her! Because then the charity of her choice will get $25,000, she will get recognized as the adventurer/do-gooder that she truly is and everybody wins. Voting is open from today until November 24th, spread the word!!! Click here to: vote for Nancy

Here is some more information about the award and our favorite honoree. In 2006, L’Oréal created Women Of Worth – a grassroots program and award to honor women who serve others in their communities. Here’s what Nancy has to say, “Winning the National Woman Of Worth award would mean alot of things for Skate Like a Girl, and help promote Girls Skateboarding in general! This is really the jump start SLAG would need to be able to tour, put out movies, and provide skateboarding opportunities to girls around the country and the WORLD”!

About Nancy Chang:
The 27 year-old Seattleite and director of Skate Like a Girl, Nancy wants to empower young women, encouraging them to pick up a skateboard. Based in Seattle, with a sister crew in Portland, Oregon, the organization provides skateboarding lessons to underprivileged girls, instructional clinics to female groups, summer skate camps and hosts events like ladies only contests.

Like many alternative sports, skateboarding is dominated by males. Of the millions of Americans who skateboard more than once a week, only about 26 percent are female. Nancy’s work allows girls to establish themselves in public spaces usually dominated by young men, like the skate parks of the greater Seattle area. Built with public funding, these parks usually attract a small segment of Seattle’s population. With skateboarding equipment and training, girls have a means to stake their claim.

Skate Like a Girl has served over 500 young women in the Seattle area, setting up workshops and camps in surrounding teen and community centers. It attracts volunteers from all over the West Coast, recently resulting in the establishment of chapters in Portland and San Francisco, as well interest in other cities. Skate Like a Girl promotes an all-inclusive female skateboarding community that empowers girls and women to make positive self-care decisions, boosting their confidence and self-image. That’s why Nancy is a 2008 Woman Of Worth.

If you want to get involved with Nancy’s organization, contact them at the following.

Skate Like A Girl
PO BOX 95902
Seattle, WA 98145
Tel: 206-973-8005

Skate Like a Girl