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Archive for March, 2009 Line

at Crawl Space Gallery for their new show Call and Response curated by Jeffry Mitchell.

The show will be showing you many dudes:
Gretchen Bennett, Jamey Braden, Matthew Cox, Dorian Dyer, Sol Hashemi, Jeffry Mitchell
Jenevive Nykolak, Chauney Peck, Jack Ryan, Sonya Stockton, Brett Walker

OPENING RECEPTION Saturday 28 March, 6-9pm
Talk by curator Jeffry Mitchell at 7:30pm

It will be reallllly ruling. Jeffry Mitchell is very nice and so is Crawl Space, so it’s like BFF-chic. But don’t take my werd for it, check out what Crawl Space has to say . . .

“Crawl Space is pleased to present its third annual Centennial Exhibition, juried and curated by renowned artist Jeffry Mitchell. The exhibition features ten artists from the Pacific North West working in a variety of mediums, as well as a piece by the juror himself. Mitchell is therefore acting as both artist and curator, and we were interested to see how these roles might influence the composition of the show.

Instead of an overall theme emerging from the submissions, Mitchell saw relationships forming between pairs of works or between two artists’ practices. CALL AND RESPONSE features five selected couplings that challenge, answer or echo each other through subject matter, historical reference or material. The concept of the exhibition is revealed further as Jeffry Mitchell recounts his thoughts as he selected the works:

A feather, a skull, the moon and stars, a man (?) and half a lady, crystals and sequins and the grandchildren of Piero Manzoni and Allan Kaprow. There’s something about magic, Hippie magic, and the way the LOVE CHILDREN freed them selves from the cross and sought spiritual expression through ancient forms other than the Christian one that resonates through this show for me. It’s very much my story, and the story I look for. It’s the story that I can’t help but see and although I claim that each pair of works in this show found each other on their own, the instant I see these works I bring stories to each of them, helplessly, naturally.

Jeffry Mitchell is a sculptor, printmaker, painter and conceptual artist who references a wide spectrum of art history and decorative arts. Jeffry Mitchell has had solo shows at the Henry Gallery, University of Washington, Diverseworks, Houston, TX, the New Museum of Contemporary Art, NYC and the Seattle Art Museum. His works are in the collections of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Contemporary Museum in Honolulu, the Fogg Art Museum at Harvard University, the Philadelphia Art Museum, the New York Public Library, and the Seattle Art Museum among others”.

In sum, see you tomorrow. Everybody get free.

Also, do you guys want to shotgun some beers in the courtyard?



A fabulous The Adventure School event, the 2009 Henry Art Gallery benefit, is featured on the “Snapshots” page of the April 2009 issue of Seattle Metropolitan Magazine. Check out page 38 in your Seattle Met Magazine or peep it at your local independent bookstore


As promised, here is Patrick Wright’s Epic Adventure Video. We know you all want to go to that party again! I wish I could go tonight. Too bad. Now the vacant building is back to vacant buildingville. On a good note, now you get to watch this totally awesome video! Stay tuned for moves by Freedom Dancers, jams by Orkestar Zirkonium and interviews with Sylvia Wolf and Jeppe Hein.





We are happy to report that we switched server hosts recently, as hopefully very few of you know, our old hosting company went bananas and resulted in some down time. BOO HOO! So we switched to DreamHost and they are a carbon neutral. Now, WOO HOO!

Here’s what they have to say about it, “We’ve purchased enough of these {Renewable Energy Credits} credits – which are retired after purchase and not resellable – to account for our energy usage. The proceeds of these credit purchases are then put toward funding further emission reduction and renewable energy projects. We are not currently able to actually power our servers with the wind or the sun, but this is the next best thing! Our Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) have been certified by Green-e“.

Here’s to living the dream!


Stay tuned next week for an epic adventure video by our videographer, Patrick Wright, but for now, let’s take a walk into the recent past of adventure video.

We put together an event in Hollywood for PopCap Games Bejeweled Twist. We flew down to welcome three finalists who were flown in from all around the country and each had a chance to win $100,000. Patrick created this preview the day before the event.

bejeweled twist sweepstakes preview from Patrick Wright on Vimeo.

(game demo footage: provided by PopCap Games)



Venerable photographer of nature, travel, fashion and life, Philip Kramer, will be holding a show for your viewing pleasure here in Seattle, tomorrow. If you attend, Team Adventure, will surely be there to share a toast with you. So, come to Fremont Place Books, this Friday, March 6th from 6p.m. to 9ish.

Technically, it is a part of the Fremont First Friday Art Walk. Also, technically, it is very close to PCC, from whose food collection you can taste many samples. The work is a selection of medium format photographs from Europe with a smattering of some very recent images from the Pacific Northwest (specifically middle-of-nowhere Oregon). Also, important to note, Friend of Adventure, Joana Chavez developed the concept for FPB participating in the art walk and she has a show there next month.

See you tomorrow night. Whoomp, there it is.



All images by Patrick Wright.

Winter 2009 in Los Angeles.



Morgane Le GALL, intrepid French road-tripper on the American road tells a story . . .

This last weekend four very French people were driving and most of the time getting lost on the Washington state roads. Several days ago, they had decided to go on a “road trip” to get a very American experience.
Day 1
They hit the road on Friday morning and saw the magnificent Mount Rainier and Mount St. Helens. At night time, they looked for a crappy motel. When they found it, they tried this old trick that some real American people once taught them: asking for a two person room with two queen beds to use for four people. Obviously it worked, American people are honest and they couldn’t perceive the hotel cramming craftiness of this group of French people.
Day 2
After a good night of sleep, they argued to determine who would sit in the back of the car. American roads are damaged and some American cars’ suspensions are too soft, therefore, nobody wanted to get sick in the back. When they finally decided, they went to an ocean beach that they could enter with the car. They were amazed. In France, even a dog can’t go on the beach as pups can pollute. Therefore, driving the car on that incredibly beautiful beach first sounded awful for the environment but it turned out that it was so much fun! They thought: “Yay!! this is America, a country where you can do whatever you want and have a lot of fun!! “
Entering the rainforest they decided to leave the car and to go on a hike. They tried to find a good trail, but none of them exceeded two miles. They thought: “Are you serious?? We brought all our professional hiking stuff for two miles? “
After having walked for two miles, that is to say fifteen minutes (haha French people are so fast!!) they continued their journey. Passing by all those crazy signs that make you feel like apocalypse could happen anytime, “Tsunami Evacuation Road”, “Volcano Evacuation Road”. They were real adventurers. When they finally got hungry around 8PM, they couldn’t find an open restaurant. Everything was closed! At 8PM! Seriously? Do American people go to sleep at 8.30 PM? Anyway, that’s what they did this time.
Day 3
On their way back to Seattle, nothing could surprise them again. On the ferry that was going from Bainbridge Island to Seattle, the beautiful view inspired them! They were really happy to be able to live these experiences, in such an incredible and amazingly beautiful country. But also, they remembered all the encounters they made during this small trip, in crappy dinners, in small cities when they were asking for their direction, in the Makah Indian reservation, and they realized how easy it is to fall in love with your great nation and its people.


Are you out there? We would really like it if you could please just let yourself in.

The Adventure School.