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CAPA Flyer


Dear reader,

We are here to inform and inspire here on the Adventure blog. So we are taking it to the streets, asking our favorite artists, curators, adventurers, partiers and thinkers a few questions to move your hearts and minds. (And, yes, partier is a word . . . crazzers!)

This week, we pick the brain of the amazing visual and performance artist, Anne Mathern. Stay tuned for next Monday’s questionnaire!


Photo courtesy of Crawl Space Gallery and Anne Mathern.
The Adventure School Questionnaire Round One.

Adventure:  What is the food or drink you don’t want to live without?

Anne: Beer and Chocolate are having a battle right now – we’ll see who wins

Adventure: Favourite part of your face?

Anne: What? Weird!

Adventure: What is one of your life goals?

Anne: Even if I don’t end up being very awesome at anything in particular, I’d like to be awesome at life

Adventure: What is the scariest thing you can think of?

Anne: The Simultaneous Deaths of Chad and Nick

Adventure:  What aspect of your personality are you proud of?

Anne: I am convinced that everything is for the best

Adventure: Your favourite party supply?

Anne: Les boozes!

Adventure: Favourite book right now?

Anne: Good timing!  I am actually reading a book this year!  It is called The Song Before it is Sung and is a historically-based drama so I am pretending to learn things.

Adventure: Where is your dream party place?

Anne: That psychedelic sculpture park that Dali and Ernst designed in the jungle in Mexico.

Adventure: What kind of student were you at school?

Anne: Late

Adventure: What is your spirit animal?

Anne: I don’t remember!  Help!

Adventure: Is television good or bad?

Anne: Good when you can watch it online and pretend it’s not tv

Adventure: What is the evil version of you like?

Anne: Me from 18 to 21

Adventure: What gives you confidence?

Anne: A good outfit – or a good drink

Adventure: What are four essential elements of a good party?

Anne: Music. Booze. Party people. Four.

Adventure: What do you appreciate most about a place?

Anne: Good lighting

Adventure: Your favourite adventure supply?

Anne: Cori and Aviva (Eds. note . . . CUTE! OMG! SERIOUSLY! No, Stop!)

Adventure: Your motto?

Anne: Where there is ridiculous, there will I be found



These photos are taken in Kwethuk Alaska by Brigid and John, one of The Adventure School’s dynamic and adventurous wedding couples. During the winter, when the rivers are frozen, they are used as highways. All of the villagers and the teachers of the local students, aka Brigid and John use the river highways to get around to different parts of Alaska and to receive supplies that come from the lower 48. Mother Nature . . . can’t live with her, can’t live without her! Now the Kwethluk, Kuskowim and Yukon Rivers are all breaking up and have caused a destructive flood. Brigid and John are safe and staying in John’s classroom with their cat and dog. Insane! They are a true adventure duo! The Adventure School is sending well wishes to Brigid and John and their community. Be safe!!! We are all inspired by your ability to make the best of a dangerous situation.


The incomparable Morgane Le Gall threw a wicked bash to bid adieu to her number two favorite city, Seattle. A good time was had by all, complete with a DIY sponsorship wall. Many esteemed guests attended, a few of which are pictured below.


From top to bottom:

Anne, Tyson, Josselyn and the infamous Mlle. LeGall. Photos by Patrick Wright using the amazing Polaroid Bigshot.


Last summer we had the good pleasure of working on the wedding of a two local artists. Their view of marriage was very profound and their sense of fun runs very deep and so as you can imagine, it was a great experience! We present to you some photographs that document the day that Dawn Cerny and D.W. Burnam became Mr. and Mrs.


Photos by Winnie Westergard.


Party Planner Tip: You can NEVER have enough totes. I use my L.L. Bean Boat and Tote bag almost every day. It is a godsend for a party planner as you can jam as many bottles of wine and/or oranges and/or cake platters as you want inside and it always works like a charm! So, gentle reader, please visit the tote motherland with us . . . the L.L. Bean factory in Maine.


When I saw this video on the new blog , “The Art of the Tote” of wedding photographer-about-town, blogger and bride-to-be Eliza Truitt, I was tote-ally pumped. Check it out!

Boat and Tote Bag from James Hoban on Vimeo.

Maine map by Aaron Meshon.



We just received an email from the lucky winner of our auction contribution to the 16th Annual PILF Auction and we are totally stoked. The Public Interest Law Foundation (PILF) is an all-volunteer organization run by Seattle University law students. Their mission is to “support students dedicated to social justice through the facilitation of critical dialogue, speaker and panel series, and networking events with alumni working in public interest. PILF also offers summer grants for students working in legal positions for non-profit organizations that could not otherwise afford legal assistance. PILF operates under Seattle University as a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization”.

An enterprising young justice-minded lawyer-to-be that we have hired to work at various The Adventure School events invited us to engage in this awesome win-win opportunity to support PILF as he is a representative of the organization. You can see him above in the photo by Jenny Jimenez. Now our World-Famous Adventure Bike will be headed to a local block party this summer in the hands of the winner to blend smoothies and make spin art to the delight of young and old alike. Whoomp! Social justice and block parties – more intertwined than you think . . . that is The Adventure School dream!



One of our totally great former wedding clients, D.W. Burnam, will be playing music tonight at Fancy with his band Katharine Hepburn’s Voice. D.W. is totally awesome and we are psyched to check him out tonight. Listen to KHV here. We heart their song “Space Needle”! Also, maybe you can be super efficient tonight and buy some jewels for your mom for Mother’s Day from Sally at Fancy.


It’s that time of year again, Chaya‘s Annual Dinner and Auction. Chaya’s mission is to support South Asian survivors and families impacted by domestic violence and abuse as well as engaging communities to change societal conditions that enable oppression. AWESOMETOWN, right? Last year The Adventure School contributed to their very successful auction and we are excited to attend it this year. You should come with us! Get your tickets now on their website because the event is next weekend. Whoomp there it is!