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…days until The Cal Anderson Park Alliance 4th of July Party!

*photo courtesy of Leo Reynolds


Cal Anderson Park. We all hang out there , appreciate its beauty, and wonder what’s inside that architectural cone fountain thing. But how many people actually know the man behind the name Cal Anderson?

Cal Anderson

If you identified the man in the photo as Cal Anderson, you are clearly one smart cookie.

Washington State history site Did such a good job explaining Cal’s story, I saw no reason to shuffle words around:

“On November 9, 1987, Democrat Calvin B. “Cal” Anderson (1948-1995) becomes Washington state’s first openly gay legislator when the King County Council appoints him to a vacant seat in the House of Representatives from Seattle’s 43rd District. Anderson will go on to win election to the House from the 43rd District. In 1994, he will win election to the Washington State Senate.

Anderson was a Democratic activist and an aide to Seattle City Council Member George Benson and to Mayor Charles Royer. He was a decorated combat veteran of the U.S. Army in Vietnam and called himself, “a Democrat who happens to be gay” (The Seattle Times). In the legislature Anderson backed gay rights legislation and battled initiatives that would discriminate against gays. He also worked for campaign finance reform, easier voter registration, and open access to government documents.

Cal Anderson died on August 4, 1995, of AIDS-related complications. On April 19, 2003, Cal Anderson Park, on Seattle’s Capitol Hill, was named and dedicated in his honor, along with the park’s new structure, the Cal Anderson Shelterhouse. On September 24, 2005, the community celebrated the grand re-opening of the park.”

Thought only recently named for Cal Anderson, the park has been around for many, many moons. It actually began life as the Lincoln Reservoir at the turn of the 20th century. lincolnpg800px-seattle_-_lincoln_playfield_circa_19191

Being so old and all, the park has a few secrets of its own.

Did you know the Chinese Scholar/Japanese Pagoda Tree  located at the entrance nearest Broadway is one of the largest and oldest  trees of its type in the state? This tree is so special it’s actually designated as a Seattle Landmark Heritage Tree. Look for the plaque to find proof.

And remember how Cal Anderson Park used to be Lincoln Reservoir? Well, it still is. The northern half  of the park is built on a giant lid that covers the Lincoln Reservoir, meaning the park’s suspended  over a portion of Seattle’s drinking water.

Also, do you know one of Cal Anderson’s own personal Rhododendron plants lives in the northwest corner of the park right now? Before finding permanent residence in the park, the Rhody hung out in a community member’s backyard for a full year until the city granted approval to install the plant in the park. 

Last but not least, did you know the teletubby hill in the northeast corner of the park is actually made of foam? 

Now that we’ve done all the leg work for you, why not come see all of the park for yourself? Specifically on the 4th of July.  In all its Independence Day glory.



Lately we have been getting a bit production happy here in The Adventure Studio. And why not? Art making kicks. And there have been a lot of inspirational creative boot strappy art things in Seattle lately made of paper and trash and simple things. From your average couture cake ladies at the Fremont Summer Solstice to optical illusion blue tape art at Georgetown Artopia to the scrappy yet corporate 2009 Pride Parade complete with floats like the innovative 8 bikes attached to the frame of a Jeep powering the Madison Market float (made by our own favorite Adventure Bike maker, Colin Stevens).


All photos by our Adventure-iPhones.

With all of these in mind I was tooling about in the blogosphere this morning and saw this radness on design*sponge. A product launch by arjowiggins, li edelkoort and french photographer gregoire alexandre. Glossy, expensive, not DIY cloud suits made out of pillow-batting-y at all . . . STILL TOTALLY RAD!

Curious Story – Making of the Water

Curious Story – Making of the Wind

Paper company meets fashion photog meets skinny yet tough model. I just like it. Magic happens. Behind the scenes. This week we make some magic. What can we make this week? What can we build for our wedding couples? What can we create for the Cal Anderson Park 4th of July? Stay tuned.


This week, we’re going to forgo our usual Adventurer Profile to memorialize this prodigious and peculiar talent that is no longer with us. Michael Jackson. Since his passing, Aviva has reminisced wistfully on multiple occasions about playing the Thriller album on her Fisher-Price record player at 4 years-old and never looking back. Aviva also had her own single glove that she wore whenever possible. Speaking of which, Michael’s original sequined glove and jacket are now on display at The Experience Music Project. You can find them in The Sky Church, a free area of the museum. Very gracious and inclusive. 

To honor The King of Pop, here is a sampling of his colorful and changeable album covers from over the years. RIP, MJ. Over at The Adventure School we’re doing the Thriller dance in your honor.




…days until The Cal Anderson Park Alliance 4th of July Party!

*The Figure Five in Gold by Charles Demuth



We will see you at the Parade tomorrow, Sunday, June 28th! It starts at 11:00 am from the corner of Union St. and 4th Ave. it will be limited to approximately 2 ½ hours in length this year and should take about an hour to go from the start to the end.

The Pride Parade will proceed down 4th avenue to Denny Way. The Parade announcer’s booth, ADA viewing area and media viewing area will be located at Westlake Park between Pike and Pine on 4th. WOOP WOOP! It’s been a crazy year for the gays, at times awful and at times full of hope. Tomorrow let’s all Pride it up in support of our queer community. Get out yr short shorts, get out yr rainbow boa.

Also, don’t miss the DYKE MARCH! Tonight at 7 p.m!!!!

Rally from 5–7 pm, Seattle Central Community College Plaza, Broadway and Pine, march at 7 pm.

Photos by Robert Wade from last year’s Pride.



Around here at The Adventure School we love the Fourth of July. Yes, it is a chance to have a party with a really strong color scheme and theme, but it’s more than that. Yes, it is a chance for you to come to a The Adventure School event at Cal Anderson Park. But more than that we just love that it brings people together. We love picnicking and BBQ’ing and thinking about all the opportunities there are for change and progress in our nation. Here are some excellent pics from local photographer, Mike Goldstein, of a very adventurous Fourth of July in the heart of America, Lake Tapps, Washington! We will see you in exactly one week! Happy Almost Fourth of July!



We at Adventure School are pleased to present Recess Monkey, another one of the superfly bands playing at the 4th of July Party in Cal Anderson. So you all can get to know them better before the 4th, we put together a ‘lil interview with the band. These guys got it goin’ on. For realz!


Do you sing in the shower?
Jack: Every day! Things sound so much better in the shower, particularly really high notes like the BeeGees sang. It drives my cat Fred crazy- he sometimes howls along!

Daron: How can you not? I love to make up songs about what I’m going to do that day. My favorite is the “buying veggies at the Farmer’s Market” song. It’s kind of a funky James Brown ditty.

Drew: Of course! There’s a great song off Sandra Boynton’s CD Blue Moo called “Singin’ in the Shower.” I always sing that and wish I’d written that song.

Who’s your favorite cartoon character on TV today?

Jack: Wall-E.

Daron: Yoda from The Clone Wars… He’s the OJ…The Original Jedi!

Drew: I’m a little out of the loop…I’d probably have to throw back for the original Optimus Prime.


What’s your favorite thing on the playground?
Jack: I really like watching kids play imaginary games where they turn into horses. It’s hard work to learn how to whinny like a horse, but it’s totally worth it.
Daron: I love the Monkey Bars. As a teacher, it’s so cool to see a kid take on the challenge of the monkey bars as a Kindergartner. Then see that same child as a Second Grader skipping bars like a pro. 

Drew: The sport court. When I’m on recess duty I try to chase down some speedy Kindergarten b-ballers. I’m pretty good with the 6-foot hoop!

What’s the best part about being a kid?

Jack: The same thing that’s the best thing about being an adult: LAUGHING!

Daron: The best part about being a kid is that you are allowed to be a kid! That’s why I’m in Recess Monkey. I get a second chance to be a kid. 

Drew: From the perspective of a teacher and dad, being a kid is so zen! Kids are in the moment, constantly making new discoveries and connections-It’s absolutely beautiful.
What made you guys decide to play kids music?

Jack: We like kids a lot and we liked BEING kids a lot, so it really didn’t take much discussion.

Daron: It was a great way to put our two worlds together…teaching and our love of music. Plus, we quickly realized that kids love to rock! It’s a great experience, as a musician, to have the entire crowd bopping along to your music.

Drew: We are all so immersed in our work as teachers it seemed like a great way to share our love and passion for music.

Best story from a gig?

Jack: Back when we used to play at Ravenna Third Place Books on Saturday mornings, my phone fell out of my pocket directly into a glass of water. I can still hear the “plopping” sound like it was yesterday.

Daron: To celebrate the release of our fifth album, Field Trip, we played all over town including a show on a Ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge. We had to stop during one of the songs because they spotted a whale breaching near the boat. Suddenly, everyone left the show to watch the whale. Then we all returned to the sun-deck and continued the song where we had left off!
Drew: We just played Golden Gardens Beach a few nights ago. Because it was un-amplified, we moved between groups of fans picnicking on a gorgeous night! It was magical monkey mariachi!

Any significance behind the name Recess Monkey?

Jack: It’s a pun on “rhesus monkey,” a cute little monkey that lives in India. Plus, we’re teachers, so we spend a lot of time on the playground.

Who is your biggest fan?

Jack: My wife, Ellen. She’s usually at our CD table after each show. You should say hi! She’s nice!

Daron: Besides my wife, Nami, it would be my gaggle of nephews (four of them) and my adorable niece.

Drew: Mayor Monkey, our hand puppet band manager.

Where would you like to travel most in the world?

Jack: Probably all around the Mediterranean. Such a beautiful part of the world!

Daron: I want to go back to Iceland in the winter (I was there in the summer when there was 20 hours of daylight). However, right now, I would like to go to New Zealand.  

Drew: Daron says everyone should visit Iceland and I’d really like to. That and Great Britain. I’m a bit of an anglophile.
What musical instrument do you wish you knew how to play?

Jack: Accordion

Daron: The Hurdy Gurdy

Drew: Piano

If you could have any great musician in the history of the world play with your band, who would you choose?

Jack: Not many people know this, but Abraham Lincoln was an exceptional flute player. He’d be my pick.

Daron:I’m going with Gandhi! He played a mean concertina in his day.

Drew: Paul McCartney. Hands down.

Do you have a band motto a la  ”One for all and all for one?”

Drew: Go bananas? 

What’s better: recess or monkeys?

Jack: Definitely Monkeys! They are so energetic and quite helpful. I would give anything to have one as a pet! (Can I change my pet answer???)

Daron: I’m definitely going with the hybrid…recess with a bunch of monkeys.



Ooooooooo chile! Check out sweet sounds of Lady A and the Baby Blues. If you like what you hear, come see them on the 4th at Cal Anderson Park! Looks like they know how to have a good time, right?


With the Cal Anderson 4th of July Party getting nearer every day, we wanted to remind everyone to bring your pooches to the party! We’ll be hosting a dog-owner look alike contest with prizes for the winners, both human and canine. We’re not promising anything, but they might involve liver treats.

Here are some photos to get you inspired:


photo courtesy of All American Pet Brands


Photos coutesy of Darren Staples/Reuters