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Kyle Johnson is a Seattle photographer who is stirring things up. I have worked with Kyle on fashion spreads for Seattle Metropolitan Bride and Groom magazine and it is such a pleasure. He brings a groovy sense of quiet enthusiasm and jovial stick-to-itiveness to the game. I can sense a deep and abiding positivity and love for nature coming through in his flicks and that makes me feel radical. So here you have it folks today’s adventurer is friend of adventure Kyle Johnson. Keep your eyes peeled for this up-and-comer, his work has been featured everywhere from Wallpaper to Juxtapoz to Vice. His arresting band photos are sure to make a splash in the time-honored tradition of Seattle bands becoming the next Big Deal. See his work shooting musicians on the street corner all throughout Seattle as he shot the City Arts magazine March cover featuring amazing Seattle band The Head and the Heart. We asked him the usual questions.

1. What skill do you want to learn?

Letter Press Or Fly Fishing

2. Food and drink you don’t want to live without?

A good burger/fries & an Iced Americano (Not together)

3. The scariest thing you can think of?

Going Blind

4. Your favorite party supply?

Pop Its

5. Your favorite book of the moment?

Keith Richards – Life

6. Describe your dream party place.

Something with a good mix of amazing outdoor setting and a stylish home. BBQ cooking, and some sort of roof top.

7. What is the evil version of you like?

A stubborn non compromising Italian prick

8. What gives you confidence?

Ideas & seeing them realized

9. Name four essential elements of a good party.

Good Booze/Good People/someone good running the MUSIC/ Uncontrollable Dancing or Makeout Sesh’s

10. What do you appreciate most about a party host?

Them willing to risk things breaking for the good of a party

11. Favorite adventure supply?

That’s an easy one: CAMERA

12. Describe the best party you ever attended.

That’s a tough one . . . different parties have been good for different reasons. This past New Year’s was the best I’ve been to. My friends and I threw a Pagan-themed party and it was a blast! Otherwise, probably a wedding reception in Italy . . . even as the photographer I had a blast.

13. Hotel room or campsite?


14. Do you have a style icon?

No, but Lagerfeld has great advice for any guy. Find a shirt that fits well and buy it in every color

15. Where is your next adventure destination?

Palm Springs

16. If you could teach a class about anything in the world ever, what would you teach?

Photography…but in some ridiculously epic location. A destination workshop would be the dream “class”.

17. Your motto?

I deal with the real, so if it’s artificial let it be. — Blackthought

18. What is your spirit animal?

The owl


Miami is awash in color in every way possible. Fonts, signage, street art, murals and outdoor exhibitions blast your face from every angle. The Wynwood Arts District and the Design District are dressed up in jazzy clothes every December in preparation for Art Basel Miami Beach. You can tell Basel is coming when street artists are present around-the-clock, spray can in hand, the results are the stunning and sometimes barftastic bonkers street murals you will see below. I really love it. Besides the colors and the chaotic feeling that I get being surrounded by so many colors, the thing I adore the most about the whole situation is the massive scale. Each painting is huge, some are whole warehouses, some are just the sides of huge warehouses, some are several stories high. It rules!

I walked and drove around The Adventure School Miami HQ neighborhood, Wynwood, to take a few photos to share here on the adventure blog. After an hour or two I already had over 70 photos, only the tip of the coloriffic iceberg. As I investigated the neighborhood, my guide and boyfriend of adventure, Bert, told me what he knew; mainly that many of the murals are organized by groups. One in particular focusing on a concentrated epicenter of Wynwood called Primary Flight explain that they are creating the World’s Largest Street Mural Installation. They have a map. I took some pics in Wynwood Walls, curated by now-defunct Deitch Projects and saw lots of other folks there taking pictures too. You can even take a biking graffiti tour with local guides, Street Art Cycles. Art it up!

I will be posting these in no particular order.

I could go on forever, but I won’t, you will just have to visit Miami for yourself. Stay tuned for more Dispatches from Miami: Taking it to the Streets; Design District, Little Haiti, Downtown and South Beach, all to come in the next few weeks. Keep your blogdar locked here: The Adventure School Blog.


Today is master adventurer Aviva Palmer’s Birthday! Happy Birthday! Thirty-Onederful!

In her honor, download and make these party hats for free! Instructions here.


Attack of the screen shot. Sorry guys, but I’m dead-set on brushing up my photoshop skills. Just to let you know we’re in the Daily Candy Weekend Guide. So if you are trapped at home in the snow and need some retail therapy or you are in a nightlife capital and need to buy a friend a present, The Adventure Store is open for business.

We have so many awesome things this month, but watch out because the merchandise is likely to change faster than the seasons. Don’t wait to pick up the undeniably chic Aztec Bag or the softest shirt on the block, The Adventure School Tee. If the trendsetters at Daily Candy are sweet on it, you never know how fast it will go! When you have picked your adventure pick you will feel sufficiently exhilarated, I think, to brave the elements and dash out of the house to go to the Northwest Film Forum to see The Woodmans and hear a talk by the always lovely and informative Associate Curator of the Henry Art Gallery, Sara Krajewski or hop in the car and head to Open Satellite, a true treat in the NW to see the new exhibition by Mitzi Pedersen.

Have a lovely weekend. Adventure always!




In honor of yesterday’s NBA All-Star Game, our adventurer today is noted sportswriter Nathaniel Friedman. He is the main contributor to the blog, FreeDarko, an entertaining analysis of all things NBA. Nathaniel or Friend-of-Adventure-Friedman as we call him here in Adventureville has authored (with other FreeDarko contributers) two books; 2008′s  FreeDarko Presents… The Macrophenomenal Pro Basketball Almanac and his latest work, FreeDarko Presents: The Undisputed Guide to Pro Basketball History, released in November 2010. As we have had e-commerce on the brain around here, let me just point out that team FreeDarko is selling stunning prints from the latest book here. Personally, I think the prints would make a great gift for the basketball lover in your life or you could even hang one in the room of an infant you would like to become a basketball lover/player.

Get to know Nathaniel below as we ask him the usual questions, or if you want to get to know him in real life, make sure to head down to this FreeDarko event this week in San Francisco in support of the new book.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rockit Room
406 Clement Street, San Francisco, CA

Shoals (Friedman’s pen name), Tom Ziller and Eric Freeman come together for a panel, moderated by McSweeney’s Eli Horrowitz and sponsored by Green Apple Books.

1. What skill do you want to learn?
I’ve always wanted to be able to play the piano.

2 Food and drink you don’t want to live without?
Carbonara and coffee. Though never together.

3 The scariest thing you can think of ?
Being buried alive.

4 Your favorite party supply?

5 Your favorite book of the moment?
The Invention of Murder by Judith Flanders. I wish I could buy it in America.

6 Describe your dream party place.
A house by the ocean, but without any real beach.

7 What is the evil version of you like?
A know-it-all who is cruel because it’s easy to be.

8 What gives you confidence?
Finding out that my writing has changed the way people see the world.

9 Name four essential elements of a good party.
-Good music
-You have to be able to hear the person next to you, and across from you
-Cheap beer

10 What do you appreciate most about a party host?

When you can’t differentiate him/her from other guests.

11 Favorite adventure supply?
Google maps.

12 Describe the best party you ever a ended.
Probably something that happened in my twenties that wasn’t nearly as fun at the time. Or my wedding.

13 Hotel room or campsite?
Hotel room. I’d take a hotel room over “home”.

14 Do you have a style icon?
Young Bill Bradley.

15 Where is your next adventure destination?
I am very tempted to say that I treat every day as an adventure. If that doesn’t work, I have to see the doctor twice this week.
16 if you could teach a class about anything in the world ever, what would you teach?
I would like to teach a fiction workshop, even though I can’t write fiction.

17 What is your motto?
Something that wouldn’t sound right unless Barbara Stanwyck said it.

18 What is your spirit animal?
A medium-sized shark.

P.S. Happy President’s Day, I hope you are not working and in fact BBQing in honor of Obama or some other president that tickles your fancy.


We are so excited about our new store launch and so is the inimitable Seattle Metropolitan Magazine Style Editor and Editor-in-Chief at Seattle Metropolitan Bride and Groom Magazine, Laura Cassidy! She sat down for a chat with the store’s buyer, Erin Gainey and The Adventure School Founding Partner Aviva Palmer. See the article on the fabulous Wear What When. Homegirl’s got street cred and we are thrilled to count her as a fellow fashion adventurer.

Feast your eyes on this glorious screenshot but make sure to mosey over and catch the real thing. If you’re lucky Aviva will tell you fashion/party/adventure lifestyle tips for all your Trans-Siberian Needs in the comments section.


The Adventure School is proud to announce the opening of it’s new online Adventure Store, curated toward outfitting explorers of all kinds in lifestyle, celebration, and the expansion of horizons! This new venture will act as a platform on which creative, enterprising individuals come together to collaborate on a variety of projects. Get ready for new adventure-worthy products hitting the virtual shelves each month and pop-up shops around Seattle (and, perhaps, soon in your city!). Today, check out gorgeous handmade arrows by Brooklyn design duo Fredericks & Mae, and Ampersand As Apostrophe’s Aztec Bag.

For orders completed by midnight tonight, please enjoy 10% off of your total, by using the code BACKTOADVENTURE during checkout.

The store is also on the tweetmachine, belly up to the bar for interesting digital tidbits @ShopAdventure. Go explore the store and come back on the regular for new and interesting bits to take on your travels over the land, through the sky and in the sea!


All week long I will be answering any and all questions on beloved Seattle alternative weekly, The Stranger‘s Questionland. Come by and ask me things or if you are short on time just give me the old digital thumbs up. I actually totally love answering the questions, so if you have ever wondered where to get a righteous cake or what songs I would play at MY wedding, now’s your chance.

Ask Cori Ready at Questionland Seattle

Love always,
Experty McAnswers Alot Ready


Happy Valentine’s Day! For any of you who don’t actually know me, I am completely enamored by Andy & Kate Spade. I think they are absolutely brilliant! Even though they don’t actually own Kate Spade anymore, I still love the company! Here is a little Kinga Burza film to Soko‘s, “I Will Never Love You More.” Enjoy!


Happy Valentine’s Day! One of our favorite photographers of those pledging their everlasting love is one Mr. James Moes. Father and Husband, this man is a lover of kids, people, weddings, dancing, cool glasses and more! We asked him all the usual questions and we hope you will get to know him better today. If you are feeling romantic . . . and who isn’t? Then you should definitely check out his website to see tons of beautiful pictures of mostly young lovers and lovey feelsations. . .

We love you!

*photo by Sean Flanigan
1. What skill do you want to learn?

2. Food and drink you don’t want to live without?
Eggs Benedict. Gin & Tonic.

3. The scariest thing you can think of?
Losing my sanity.

4. Your favorite party supply?
A nice pair of shoes.

5. Your favorite book of the moment?

Photography book: European Fields by Hans Van Der Meer. Great landscapes / documentation of low-level beer league soccer all around Europe.

6. Describe your dream party place.
A really big multi-level treehouse.

7. What is the evil version of you like?

8. What gives you confidence?
Hard work.

9. Name four essential elements of a good party.
People who want to dance + a DJ who know how to mix old and new + alcohol + hot eats at a late hour. And good lighting / location.

10. What do you appreciate most about a party host?
Ability to be personal with everyone, but still able to lose oneself in the party.

11. Favorite adventure supply?
Camera. Or my son Moses.

12. Describe the best party you ever a ended.
Nearly everybody jumped in the pool with or without their clothes and then returned wet to the dance floor.

13. Hotel room or campsite?

14. Do you have a style icon?
Erlend Øye

15. Where is your next adventure destination?
Joshua Tree. Then, Maui.

16. If you could teach a class about anything in the world ever, what would you teach?

A survey of historical figures exemplifying profound dimensions of love, co-suffering, compassion, struggle & sacrifice, mediation, and radical peacemaking.

17. What is your motto?
The truth will set you free.

18. What is your spirit animal?
I’m still trying to translate its noise. I’ve only heard its rumble/hunger and not seen its form. If you know my animal, and I know you are skilled in this, please do tell.