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Keith and Leslie Paugh live in Mar Vista, CA with son Milton, cat Emma, and 2 chickens Dorothy & Virginia. They run Launderette clothing with their homeboy Karl, like stale Swedish Fish, and going to open houses for real estate they can’t possibly afford. Be sure to take a peek at the photos below which feature a selection of apparel that you can find in their store!

1.what skill do you want to learn?
L: Furniture making K: Picking locks

2. food and drink you don’t want to live without?
Butter, and milkshakes, respectively.

3. the scariest thing you can think of?
L: Being eaten alive by a bear. K: Leaving the house with bloody-floss-breath (*this is also my “worst smell”).

4. your favorite party supply?

5. your favorite book of the moment?
Theodore Roosevelt – Letters To My Children

6. describe your dream party place.
Inside a dirigible.

7. what is the evil version of you like?
Black cape, curly mustache, hangs out with rope near railroad tracks.

8. what gives you confidence?
My mom thinks I’m cool.

9. name four essential elements of a good party.
A theme, space to move, possibly costumes, Hall & Oates

10. what do you appreciate most about a party host?
Forethought and effort.

11. favorite adventure supply?
Ability to talk to animals. Charisma.

12. describe the best party you ever attended.
We recently attended a wedding reception that surprised guests with hundreds of rented bikes to decorate and ride on a progressive lunch tour of the city. Bride and groom led the way on a tandem in their suit and dress. Leslie was pregnant, it was awesome.

13. hotel room or campsite?

14. do you have a style icon?
Ray & Charles Eames were such good life icons.

15. where is your next adventure destination?
K: Kenya? L: Nantucket.

16. if you could teach a class about anything in the
world ever, what would you teach?
How to tie a bow tie. Mission accomplished.

17. what is your motto?
“Tax & Shipping included.”

18. what is your spirit animal?
The Bearcat or “Firefox”



The Adventure Store celebrates spring with free shipping!


Travelanthropist Loyal Mehnert The EveryDay Journey Man

Adventure brings people together! Recently, I learned of Loyal Mehnert and I got super pumped. I like his style. Roaming all around the world AND doing good. Let me tell you a little bit more about the man from his official bio.  Loyal Mehnert aka “The Everyday Journeyman” is an award-winning Travelanthropist, mixing adventure travel with volunteer opportunities. From hiking along the Appalachian Trail and Camino de Santiago to racing the Plymouth-Dakar road rally across Europe and Africa, Loyal has traveled to over twenty countries across five continents, going the distance to raise both money and awareness for charitable causes. He’s currently organizing travelanthropic adventures to South America, West Africa, and the Middle East. For more information, you can email Loyal at and friend him on facebook to follow his travels. So as you can see, this guy is so The Adventure School it hurts. Hit him up and join the movement of travelanthropy!

We asked him our usual questions about adventure, celebration and learning.

1. What skill do you want to learn?

The travelanthropist in me wants to say something rugged like learning how to build an ice cave or filter water with a sock. Then there is the other part of me who really wants to learn how to play the banjo and bake the perfect cupcake.

2. Food and drink you don’t want to live without?

I’m a vegetarian so I absolutely cannot live without veggie trail food. Packit Gourmet out of Austin and Primal Spirit Foods out of West Virginia have kept me fed while exploring the world.

3. The scariest thing you can think of?

I don’t have rational fears like the fear of snakes or a fear of flying. My fears are all abstract like a fear of failure or the fear of not being remembered once I’m gone. If you want something more tangible, I’m afraid of/obsessed with Sasquatch. It’s a well known fact that I’m moving to the Pacific Northwest mostly to hunt the North American Great Ape Gigantopithecus.

4. Your favorite party supply?

For any party worth its salt, you need good music. Radiohead’s new album has some quality dance tracks.

5. Your favorite book of the moment?

I feel like I should come out and say I do read A LOT of comics. But since you asked about books, I’m actually reading The Adventurer’s Handbook by Mick Conefrey. For anyone interested in adventure, it’s an absolute must-read. Lots of great information and insane stories.

6. Describe your dream party place.

Some place deep in the woods, off the beaten path. Probably not the best for e-vites.

7. What is the evil version of you like?

He has a lot more facial hair, like a twirly moustache.

8. What gives you confidence?

Knowing that the work I do as a Travelanthropist is making a real difference. I also have a super supportive fiancée, bless her heart for putting up with my madness.

9. Name four essential elements of a good party.

Good music, good people, tasty vegetarian food, and interesting conversation. The fifth element would be Bruce Willis.

10. What do you appreciate most about a party host?

Whenever I throw a party, I’m always worried I’m not being attentive enough. If a host can make sure that everyone is having a good time, that’s aces.

11. Favorite adventure supply?

A huge part of any adventure is sharing it with friends and family and supporters. I use tools like Delorme Earthmate with SPOT and iPhoneTrip so I can blog and keep everyone up-to-date on my adventures as they happen. It’s tough, you don’t want to be completely plugged in but at the same time you need to keep in touch.

12. Describe the best party you ever attended.

I had a great fundraiser/party last summer for my Hike for Habitat across the Camino de Santiago. Just seeing so many people come out in support was incredible. There’s always that fear that no one will show up. The second best party I’ve ever attended was in the tiny fishing village of Dong Xa in Vietnam. I can’t fully divulge what exactly went down or even how it went down. But it was epic. There was also that one time in Shinjuku…

13. Hotel room or campsite?

Campsite, definitely.  Have you heard of executive camping? Really posh, with toilets, electricity, air conditioning/heating. Part of the appeal of camping to me is going back to basics, a stripping away of all the nonsense. The great poop in the woods.

14. Do you have a style icon?

Tom Hardy. More Inception-Tom Hardy than Bronson -Tom Hardy.

15. Where is your next adventure destination?

I’m working on The Peace and Progress Build for Nigeria. There’s also this summer’s Pan-Am Highway for Habitat; 16,000 miles, 14 countries, from Alaska to Argentina.

I try to plan two big adventures each year and there’s the chance I may race The Petra Rally in October from England to Israel, with stops in France, Austria, Romania, Turkey, Iraqi Kurdistan, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt (I’m looking for teammates!!!).

16. If you could teach a class about anything in the world ever, what would you teach?

Travelanthropy, the marriage of travel and philanthropy is so incredibly important. Not only is it about helping those in need but it’s also about helping yourself in the process. Whether you’re building a home for Habitat for Humanity on the Gulf Coast or biking across Vietnam for charity, you’re pushing yourself both mentally and physically. You’re rewriting your adventure DNA and doing things you previously thought were impossible.

17. What is your motto?

Travel light—you never know when you’ll need a quick escape. Also, don’t be afraid to fail. If you don’t fail once in a while you’ll never know how great success tastes.

18. What is your spirit animal?

Bigfoot? I think we just went full circle.

Any of our loyal PNW readers out there should share hot tips with Loyal about Bigfoot sightings. Last I heard, my mom said that Squatch was over in E. WA in the late 1970s.

editors note: Loyal, I am available for your Petra Rally team! Woot!!!


I don’t wanna talk about it. Just recognize, Miami’s Little Haiti is FULL TO THE BRIM of awesome hand-painted signage and murals. And the undisputed KING of it all is SERGE.

Hand Painted Signage in Little Haiti Bortan Fabrics in Little Haiti Miami Handpainted signage on a church in Miami's Little Haiti. Little Haiti in Miami Hand Painted signage in Miami's Little HaitiMy shadow as I photograph Bob Marley Hand painted image of President Obama by the prolific Miami artist SergeHandpainted signage in Miami's Little HaitiHand painted sign for a tailor in Miami's Little Haiti neighborhood Hand painted signage/mural deep in Miami's Little Haiti Haiti Handpainted signage/mural in Little Haiti


Tonight! We see the world premiere of a feature length documentary about this man, Bert Rodriguez and his career. If you are not in Miami, here’s the trailer:

Why Bert? Bert is the best! He’s also my boyfriend.


We are absolutely thrilled to do a special Wednesday edition of the Adventurer Profile today. Today’s adventurer, long time creative mover and shaker, Grela Orihuela, has recently produced a very special movie called Making Sh*t Up that premieres tonight at Miami’s classic Tower Theater in Little Havana as part of the Miami International Film Festival.  To read more about the film’s director, Bill Bilowit as well as the process he and Grela went through to create this  feature-length film about the career of contemporary artist Bert Rodriguez, click here.

Grela Orihuela is Cuban by birth and grew up in Astoria, Queens. She graduated from the NYU Film School Fine Arts program, and in the early 1980s worked directly for two legendary, iconic men in marketing and promotion: Bloomingdale’s fashion director Kal Ruttenstein and rock ‘n roll impresario Bill Graham. In the mid-1980s, Grela was a producer at WABC-TV news, the executive producer at Telemundo Network, and an independent producer of Spanish-language broadcast programming. She then went on to found several film and multi-media companies, The Show Works, Tareco, and Wet Heat Project with her partner Bill Bilowit. Her most recent work from Wet Heat Project can be seen onscreen in two feature-length films about young artists on the rise, miamiHeights: Hernan Bas and Making Sh*t Up about the conceptual artist Bert Rodriguez, and at the online documentary network

We asked her our usual questions.

1 what skill do you want to learn?

Ambition and / or Patience

2 food and drink you don’t want to live without?

Masitas y batido de mamey

3 the scariest thing you can think of?

Being a “Real Housewife of Miami”

4 your favorite party supply?



5 your favorite book of the moment?

“The Wild, Wild East” by Barbara Pollack


6 describe your dream party place.

Inside my head


7 what is the evil version of you like?

She’s blonde


8 what gives you confidence?

High heels


9 name four essential elements of a good party.

Good guests, good guests, good guests and great guests


10 what do you appreciate most about a party host?

Getting the details right


11 favorite adventure supply?

The TV remote


12 describe the best party you ever attended.

My wedding reception


13 hotel room or campsite?

You can’t be serious.


14 do you have a style icon?



15 where is your next adventure destination?

My days-are-numbered storage unit


16 if you could teach a class about anything in the world ever, what would you teach?



17 what is your motto?

Everything happens for a reason

So, see you tonight Grela. And, dear readers, if you’re in Miami. Don’t forget to get your tickets for tonight’s show.



An interior by Desk of Lola mastermind Alexandra Loew.


Interiors, design, collaboration and beauty are all HUGE inspirations/passions of everyone here at The Adventure School. When we discovered the work of designer and Friend-of-Adventure Alexandra Loew we were blown away by her bold, cerebral and gorgeously cinematic choices. Alexandra Loew founded From the Desk of Lola in 2004 and the world took note; the firm’s work has been seen regularly in everything from style bibles like Vogue Living, Lucky, In Style, O at Home to luxury titles like Manhattan, Angeleno, and Riviera. From the Desk of Lola provides architectural, interior and product design services for residential, corporate and commercial clients from their offices in Los Angeles and New York. Mastermind adventurer Alexandra has been recognized nationally as one of Domino Mag’s Top Ten rising design talents as well as the winner of an Architecture House of the Year award.

I will leave you with an awesome, inspiring and telling snippet straight off of From the Desk of Lola’s site, “reality is over-rated we believe fantasy is a critical dimension of contemporary life and culture”.  And so do we!!! Get to know Alexandra Loew below, we asked her our usual questions.

1.   What skill do you want to learn?

Pattern-making, and free-hand perspective

2.   Food and drink you don’t want to live without?

French Cheese and Belgian beer

3.   The scariest thing you can think of?

Las Vegas

4.   Your favorite party supply?

The Bloomingdale’s Book of Entertaining. More recently bananagrams have become a contender for that [#1] spot.

5.   Your favorite book of the moment?

I’ve become an insomniac and as a result, a voracious reader. Too many distinct and distinctly amazing voices are rattling around to name one book. A few that have made a strong impression recently are The Beautiful Fall, The End, and Unaccustomed Earth.

6.   Describe your dream party place.

Anywhere remote – but especially in a desert.

7.   What is the evil version of you like?

Makes everyone purge their closets and interrogates them about their consumption habits.

8.   What gives you confidence?

My friends

9. Name four essential elements of a good party.

Interesting guests, good food, plentiful drinks… It’s nice if the fourth element is a kind of wild card – like foul weather or other Acts of Nature. A well curated theme is fun, too.

10. What do you appreciate most about a party host?

Makes it look effortless, and has fabulous friends.

11. Favorite adventure supply?

Lip balm and a hat

12. Describe the best party you ever attended.

7th grade: hearing – for the first time – and dancing to Off the Wall in a darkened suburban living room. I think there was a strobe or black light involved. That evening pretty much defined ‘party’ for me.

13. Hotel room or campsite?

Hotel room

14. Do you have a style icon?

For interiors its Joe D’Urso, Andre Putman and Jacques Grange. For fashion, these days, it’s Zandra Rhodes.

15. Where is your next adventure destination?

Paris. Oregon coast. I would love to be invited to Pierre Cardin’s Palais Bulles in the South of France

16. If you could teach a class about anything in the world ever, what would you teach?

Be kind. Have integrity.

17. Your motto?

Be kind. Have integrity.

18. What is your spirit animal?
Definitely a lion!

What a pleasant surprise to awake to find our very own The Adventure Store on the Urban Outfitters Blog for all the Urban world to see! We are so flattered!

Here are some screenshots I expertly pulled from the world wide web.



I have come across some pretty spectacular caves lately! It’s become a highlight of my daily researching. As I was investigating these REALLY SPECTACULAR photos today, I realized that most are done by the same photographer! WHOA! What a life! Not only is Carsten Peter taking incredible photos but he’s visiting the world’s coolest places too! So envious! Might I also add that I am SO VERY excited to see Werner Herzog‘s movie, “Cave of Forgotten Dreams.” Happy March! Enjoy!

Hang Ken, Vietnam

1,000ft below the Chihuahua Desert in Mexico! It's so hot they have to wear ice-cool air backpacks and suits!