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Mr. Andrew Evans is an amazing magician with a quick wit and he wants you to know that you’re being duped! By magicians! Dastardly magicians! He’ll be giving a lecture next Tuesday, August 23rd at 6pm, explaining the tricks of the mind that are expertly exploited by all those sleight-of-hand, mind-mugging magicians out there.



  • The Pinata Making Workshop will be moved back to the 17th and 24th of August respectively.
  • Tuesday, August 16th will feature guest lecturer Zack Rock on How Picture Books Can Save the World.

Mark Your Calendars, Everyone.






Good afternoon all!

Our weekly lectures series thus far has brought knowledgeable members from the fields of everyone from mycology to bird watching and brain mapping down to our storefront in Pioneer Square, and we wanted to be sure to inform you on the up-and-coming at the Adventure Store for August’s series, The Mind.

These next weeks will entail a series of special two-lecture nights by our very own Aviva Palmer and Erin Gainey. Tonight, August 9th will host a Manifestation Circle, with the objective of setting and defining intentions and needs in a group setting; following with Piñata making workshops on Wednesday the 10th, again on the 17th, including help from Becca Weiss.

On the 23rd  repeat-Adventure School-magician Andrew Evans will present on Magic, with this to say and discuss:

“The lecture focuses on how magic is presented and how misdirection and theatricality can lead an audience to believe they are ”witnessing magic” rather than simply ”seeing a trick.” Specific topics include Covert and Overt Misdirection, Time Misdirection, Change Blindness, Attention Control Tactics, Character vs. Persona, Humor, Staging Techniques, and Theatrical Conventions.”

More to be announced! Lectures will begin at 6:00 p.m. on each Tuesday and Wednesday respectively of each week.

Thank you and we look forward to your visits.



From our annual CAPA 4th of July Celebration, click on the photos to see more!