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Here in Seattle, we’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of Lia Ices, as she heads our way for her performance at The Crocodile with The Sea & Cake this coming Friday, December 2nd. Her sophomore album, Grown Unknown, has been a constant companion for us since its release in January of 2011, and we are so looking forward to hearing more of what she’s created during the last ten months. She was lovely enough to share with us some of her thoughts on ADVENTURE, what her spirit animal is, and what she finds to be inspiring. We love her motto best. See you Seattleites at the show on Friday?


1. What skill do you want to learn?

Herbalism/Tincture making

2. Food & drink you can’t live without?

Wine & cheese

3. The scariest thing you can think of?

Permanently losing my voice.

4. Your favorite party supply?


5. You favorite book at the moment?

So The Wind Won’t Blow it all Away by Richard Brautigan

6. Describe your dream party place.

The Pyramids

7. What gives you confidence?

Suntans & Jumpsuits

8. Name four essential elements of a good party.

Fire, wine, new & old friends, good music.

9. What do you appreciate most about a party host?

Attention to detail.

10. Favorite adventure supply?

Star Atlas

11. Describe the best party you ever attended.

My best friend’s wedding in Brooklyn on a hot August evening last year. There was a Cora band and amazing pizza. I made her bouquet for the aisle, and we had decorated the restaurant all day. We made blueberry pies and served them to the guests (she’s a professional baker). Best homemade love wedding. Bride and groom were both in white.

12. Hotel room or campsite?

Depends on the mood, locale, company, and temperature.

13. Do you have a style icon?

Lauren Hutton

14. Where is your next adventure destination?

More America! The Carolinas are next.

15. If you could teach a class about anything in the world, ever, what would you teach?

Bird calls (how to make and recognize them).

16. What is your motto?

The love you make is equal to the love you take.

17. What is your spirit animal?

Snow Leopard



Join us on December 1st for a seasonal fête and gift fair in conjunction with Pioneer Square’s First Thursday. Featuring Free Time Industries, R & L Goods, Fredericks & Mae, Equilitree and more. Bring Your Own Beamer’s Seattle Chapter will be screening short films. 

Fir trees! Snow! Roasted chestnuts! Hot cider! Ale! Food by Skillet!

5-9pm at 601 2nd Ave!