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This week’s Adventurer Profile features those fabulous ladies over at Free Time Industries. With each member employing her own unique skill set and lens for aesthetic, the fantastic 4 come together to C R E A T E and “exist to contribute innovative idea to design culture”. They come and go from their inspiring subterranean Seattle studio, and the traces of their work and their beings pop up around the city as though left by invisible little creatures. Some examples of their work can be found in The Adventure Store: a leather holster made from reclaimed leather and brass buckles, and an owl comb made from walnut and pearl inlay (photos below).


1. What skill do you want to learn?

We want to learn how to make EVERYTHING… it is what gets us out of bed in the morning and what got us together in the first place.

2. Food and drink you don’t want to live without?

Salmon and hot chocolate.

3. The scariest thing you can think of?

Watching “the shining” on a big screen by lonesome.

4. Your favorite party supply?

Kate’s tray of eye shadow with 100 colors in it.

5. Your favorite book of the moment?

Wabi-Sabi: for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers by Leonard Koren – it is a company bed-time story.

6. Describe your dream party place.

Lots of hammocks in shady trees, next to a sunny beach.

7. What is the evil version of you like?

Have you seen “Heathers” with Winona Rider? Like that.

8. What gives you confidence?

Our idea-camp weekends – weekends when we are all together just cranking things out. ****we must give full credit to the term “idea-camp” to Ms Crim

9. Name four essential elements of a good party.

Name tags, hats, cheese, shelter.

10. What do you appreciate most about a party host?

Their spontaneity and generosity

11. Favorite adventure supply?

Free Time’s tool holster – to be released this Spring/Summer.

12. Describe the best party you ever attended.

We just celebrated Amber’s birthday party at a co-ed Russian day spa – we soaked, plunged, steamed, stretched…. then relaxed in the tearoom with champagne, cheese, and hazelnut chocolates.

13. Hotel room or campsite?


14. Do you have a style icon?

Our Mom’s circa 1970′s

15. Where is your next adventure destination?

We just had an idea-camp weekend on Bainbridge Island in a red 1904 farm house, and are planning another one in Oregon which willinclude yurts and hot springs.

16. If you could teach a class about anything in the world ever, what would you teach?

Lucid dreaming.

17. Your motto?

A little sketching goes a long way.

18. What is your spirit animal?

Kate = fennec fox

Amber = sting ray

Ariana = elk

Nome = eagle

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