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Misha West has joined The Adventure School! Wooo hooo! She has moved to Seattle from Phoenix, Arizona to become a full time adventurer here!  We knew right from the start that she would be a good fit; with a background in interior design & personal shopping she is going to blog about all of your adventure lifestyle needs. AND having been a competitive figure skater for 18 years she is definitely one for keeping us on our toes! Misha is also an accomplished dancer and violinist who has volunteered in China. Long story short, this adventurer has been around the world and landed in Seattle to get the party started. She has toured the world in Disney’s High School Musical on Ice and I hear she makes a mean lasagna. Get to know Misha West below! Oh, and, send tips about the lightest backpacks, most stylish mosquito tents and other must-have adventure lifestyle gear to!

What skill do you want to learn?
I’ve always regretted not being fluent in at least one other language. Since I believe that body language is the universal language, I’ve decided that I want to learn sign language!
Food and drink you don’t want to live without?
Water because I can add an assortment of things, such as a lemon wedge or even make crystal light! As for food, I could tell you the things I COULD live without but there are far too many foods that I love to list.
The scariest thing you can think of?
The conscience demise of Mother Nature!
Your favorite party supply?
Sparkles or glitter!
Your favorite book of the moment?
My ultra cool agenda book!
Describe your dream party place.
One created through brainstorming!
What is the evil version of you like?
Sleepy, hungry, & one sassy little schemer.
What gives you confidence?
That feeling you get post-overcoming an obstacle! You know…When you feel the imaginary weight lifting off your shoulders & you just want to give yourself a high five!?!
Name four essential elements of a good party.
Awesome people, tasty snacks, music, & me of course!
What do you appreciate most about a party

A friendly host who’s prepared for anything & when “anything” happens it’s handled with tact & with a smile!
Favorite adventure supply?
Describe the best party you ever attended.
I’m convinced I have yet to attend it!
Hotel room or campsite?
Both sound good to me!
Do you have a style icon?
Ginnifer Goodwin, Ashley Olsen, Camilla Belle, & Sienna Miller
Where is your next adventure destination?
Discovering the hidden gems of Seattle!!!!
If you could teach a class about anything in
the world ever, what would you teach?

I don’t think people realize that you can learn at least one thing from everyone! So I would let them in on my little secret and then I would teach the art of color coordinating your closet…it is absolute necessity!
Your motto?
Don’t dwell on things after they’re out of your power. Just let it go. AND if it’s meant to happen, it will!
What is your spirit animal?
My “present” is the raven. I’m magical!

6 responses

June 2nd, 2010 at 12:10 pmBobbi says:

Magical moments are just the best…Yeah Misha and Yeah Adventure School!!!I always love an adventure so yes I will be tuning in!!!
Oh great can’t wait!

June 2nd, 2010 at 3:39 pmJune Constantine aka junebug says:

Misha the Adventure girl!
Soooo perfect! I can not wait to see what is next. Kisses!

June 2nd, 2010 at 4:48 pmPolly says:

Your enthusiasm concerning your move to Seattle is going to make you shine in whatever opportunities come your way. Let the creative juices flow and have fun!

June 2nd, 2010 at 11:33 pmBrenda says:

How exciting for you and for us!! I see those creative juices flowing and that is what you were yearning for!! You go girl!! Miss ya!!

June 3rd, 2010 at 9:27 amAnne says:

You are not only beginning a new adventure with the Adventure School, but embarking on a new life journey. This will take you to new places, people and experiences! The door is open…….. Enjoy each moment, keep that positive spirit around you and embrace the possibilities !!! Let your good heart be your guide.

June 4th, 2010 at 7:12 pmUncle jimmie says:

Misha, Outstanding idea, event planning!! The knowledge gained there coupled with your world wide experiences and your energetic personally. It’s a sure bet that you will be successful.

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