Snow Leopard

School pictures never looked so surreal. Have an adventure in the animal kingdom. 12" x 16". See below for Little Print House's Adventurer Profile.

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Snow Leopard


School pictures never looked so surreal. Little Print House creates a haunting image of a serious snow leopard who would be a fit in the home of an adventurer. Created by Little Print House, based in Portland, this print comes ready for framing! 12" x 16".


*Please note that all Little Print House items are shipped directly from Portland.


Little Print House Adventurer Profile:


Little Print House is an artistic partnership of real-life partners Greg and Kelly. They've chosen an inspired path in their little house: sharing the prints of original art, photos, and everything else in between. Themes of evolution, nature, the Pacific Northwest, family, cats, old-time romantic life, and love echo throughout their work. Greg helms the wheel, driving the creative force. Kelly helps to keep things flowing. Together, they love to highlight their honest experience of life through their photography.


1. What skill do you want to learn?

Pottery-making, we are taking a class in the spring.


2. Food and drink you don't want to live without?

Food is a very close tie between popcorn and pizza. Drink would be beer! We love a good sour ale.


3. The scariest thing you can think of?

Spiders! Or any creepy crawler, we are not fans.


4. Your favorite party supply?

Vetiver and any other mellow mood music.


5. Your favorite book of the moment?

We're both reading Let the Great World Spin to eachother and enjoying it immensely.


6. Describe your dream party place.

Summertime setting at Hog Island Oyster in Marshall, California. Sun + BBQ'd oysters + beer + friends = HEAVEN!


7. What is the evil version of you like?

They hate cats, bikes, and beer!


8. What gives you confidence?

We give eachother confidence, loving our life and living it authentically!


9. Name four essential elements of a good party.

Plenty of ice, amazing food, not too harsh of lighting, friends galore.


10. What do you appreciate most about a party host?

How he/she/they can balance hosting, enjoying everyone, and managing to eat and drink! The balance is crucial and very admirable.


11. Favorite adventure supply?

Our cameras! Plus a blanket for impromptu picnic.


12. Describe the best party you ever attended.

Kelly recently had the pleasure of celebrating her favorite adventurer's birthday in Seattle. It was hosted at the adventurer's favorite wine bar and the event was full of amazing people, conversation, celebration, tears, and wine + food!


13. Hotel room or campsite?

YURT! Kelly would probably say hotel room, Greg would be happy with either!


14. Do you have a style icon?

Marcel Duchamp for his originality and fearlessness. Kelly would also say Vivienne Westwood for the same reasons.


15. Where is your next adventure destination?

We will be heading to the Bay Area for a weeklong wedding adventure in May. We're hoping to squeeze in a jaunt in Hawaii over the summer, fingers crossed.


16. If you could teach a class about anything in the world, ever, what would you teach?

Greg: printmaking! Kelly: ribbon-tying or how to make the best popcorn you've ever had!


17. What is your motto?

We are in this together.


18. What is your spirit animal?

Greg: lion. Kelly: deer.

  • Dimensions 12"x 16"