Great White Necklace

Hand-painted triangle leather flags on 21" chain. Made from salvaged leather by Cheri Messerli in her Paris studio. See below for Cheri's Adventurer Profile.

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Painted Flag Necklace


Hand-painted triangle leather flags on 21" chain. Made from salvaged leather by Cheri Messerli in her Paris studio.



Adventurer Profile for Cheri Messerli

1 what skill do you want to learn?
There are always so many! Recently, batik dying, basket weaving, and weaving in general.

2 food and drink you don’t want to live without?
Aside from pizza and Japanese curry, the things I've been having to live without but really love are rootbeer and kale, not necessarily consumed together. Thanks to the help of some friends, I am growing kale out my window since it doesn't seem to exist in France, if only I could find a solution for getting rootbeer in France! 

3 the scariest thing you can think of?
Working in an office forever! Or dying in general 

4 your favorite party supply?
It's a toss up between balloons and streamers

5 your favorite book of the moment?
I just finished reading Bossy Pants by Tina Fey and loved it. Also a friend recently sent me Make Your Place: Affordable, Sustainable Nesting Skills by Raleigh Briggs. Can't recommend that one enough!

6 describe your dream party place.
A little castle on the beach in the south of France I once had the pleasure of staying at, and could imagine having the most beautiful and crazy parties there. There was a large ship parked in the sea, just in front of the castle while I was there. Image how amazing if you could have the party move between the two spaces.. if only!

7 what is the evil version of you like?
After eating too much sugar, or a lack of food, extremely impatient : /

8 what gives you confidence?
When I'm able to come up with crazy creative ideas, solutions etc..

9 name four essential elements of a good party.
Decorations, good atmosphere, nice friends with a few crazier friends in the mix, and good music.

10 what do you appreciate most about a party host?
Being able to enjoy themselves at the party.

11 favorite adventure supply?
Awesome backpacks

12 describe the best party you ever attended.
One of my favorites was a Halloween party thrown by the UCLA architecture department in a huge loft/warehouse in dowtown LA. I went with a friend and we didn't really know anyone there but had the best time. Everyone was wearing super elaborate home-made costumes. There was one guy who was one of those pine tree car air fresheners, made entirely out of foam and he even had a tassle on his head that swung around like crazy when he was dancing. He also kept spraying the pine scented air freshener he brought with him.

13 hotel room or campsite?
Campsite if there's a campfire, hotel room if there's a pool!

14 do you have a style icon?
I've always loved the style of Kazu Makino from Blonde Redhead, stylist Camille Bidault-Waddington and Sofia Copola.

15 where is your next adventure destination?
I'm heading to the countryside in England this summer and hopefully next year Japan!

16 if you could teach a class about anything in the
world ever, what would you teach?
I'd love to teach something about ecological health for yourself and the planet. 

17 what is your motto?
I don't really have a motto but I find the phrase "if you pay peanuts you get monkeys" pretty awesome.

18 what is your spirit animal?
Perhaps a flying squirrel.