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One of the key things about Art Basel Miami Beach is that it is the most partyin’est time of the YEAR! It’s like ten New Year’s Eves packed into one weekend. So we hit up some parties with our faithful houseguest and bestie, Kenny, (pictured below in a summer suit) to whom we owe for most all of the following party pics. In fact, we took very few pictures because I mean, I didn’t want to like give myself away to anyone and let them know I was struck by their art celebritude and I didn’t want to lose my phone after the 40th cocktail at the Rubell Family’s opening night bash. We almost crashed into Jeffrey Deitch in the street with our car and I definitely eaves-dropped on Perry Farrell. Fun! So fun that it’s exhausting, but we made sure to get some chill-out time at The Standard. This year FriendsWithYou took over the Design District and remade it in their own image with Rainbow City. Susan Sarandon took over the Delano and filled it with Ping Pong enthusiasm. Peaches had her sexy naked tranny friend help her create lazer music just after Nate Lowman DJ’ed at the Bally party and we went to the Miami Art Museum’s Ball, which was waaaaay less filled with Pucci dresses than I thought it would be, but it was waaaaaay more filled with people picking up their Bentley’s from the valet than I could have ever imagined possible. I think in Miami a Bentley is sort of akin to a Subaru in Seattle, well, their ubiquity stands out during the early days of my ongoing investigation (will keep you posted). Next year I resolve to hold to our party schedule with military precision and wear more thigh high leather boots like some of the socialite moms I saw shopping for the arts.