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who we are:

The Adventure School is an event planning company that creates immersive adventure environments.

our philosophy:

Our motto is Semper Ad Extremum
The translation from the Latin is Take it to the Limit Every Time

We believe in adventure.

We work with individuals, businesses, communities, and other key partners to create visionary spaces, legendary parties and happiness.


we create solutions that:

Transform indoor and outdoor spaces through green and affirming business practices, participatory processes and ingenious use of materials to improve the sense of fun and celebration in clients lives.
Create sensory experience for clients by improving logistics management, streamlining the event planning process and negotiating vendor relationships through analytic solutions.
Dissolve the line between art and life by establishing and supporting immersion of the viewer/guest in a total installation.
Fill critical metropolitan gaps by establishing and supporting social enterprises that spotlight the communities with which we work to celebrate the achievements of local businesses and individuals; to meet needs in areas such as Private Parties, Corporate Events, PR/Marketing, Convention, Conference, and Performance.


our values:

Innovation: We value efficiency and artfulness. We continuously learn from experience, from our partners, and from the communities with which we work.
Relationships: We strive to be a collaborative and respectful partner so that the programs we develop are fun and creative for everyone.

Stewardship: We create an environment of trust and accountability. We make socially, environmentally, and fiscally responsible decisions for individuals and groups.


the adventurers:

Greg Flores Greg is the lead Graphic Designer at The Adventure School. He creates posters, invitations, signs and all manner of party decor. He knows the perfect way to cook a pork chop and is a founding member and graphic designer of the literary quarterly Hoarse. Greg wishes he were always in a tent playing the ukulele.
Becca Weiss is the Operations Manager and Craftsman at The Adventure School. She enjoys being a know-how-go-to and is always amidst a creative project or process. At the moment, assembling large jigsaw puzzles without referencing the box, experiencing Seattle’s Kubota Garden during all seasons of the year and knotted string netting are captivating Becca’s mind and free time.
Erin Gainey Erin is Chief Curator at The Adventure School. She creates all that is The Adventure Store and delights in photo styling and set design. Erin dreams of ceramics, can never know too many facts (you’ll want her on your team for Trivia Night), and works as an editor in her spare time. She’s currently building a mud oven and chicken coop in her backyard.
Aviva PalmerAviva Palmer is Founder and CEO at The Adventure School. She planned her first surprise party at age 10. Aviva loves thinking about the importance of celebration to culture and to the healing of our world. She is co-author of Uno Mundo, a picture book about peace and non-verbal communication and she loves Servas.


the founders:

Aviva Palmer Her spirit animal is the elk.
Cori Ready Her spirit animal is the mountain lion.
Cori and Aviva met at Oktoberfest in Munchen in 2002, through their pals. The Adventure School was founded in 2006 in Seattle.

the adventure school advisory board:

Robin Dash – Professor and Artist Boston and New York
Greg Shaw – Entreprenuer, Programmer, Philanthropist and Musician
Sao Paolo
Mathew Chasan – Computer Engineer, Program Manager and Bee Keeper San Francisco
Phoebe Feeley – Urban Farmer, Creative and Parent Sacramento
Milana Sobol – Interactive Media Strategist and Yoga Instructor New York
Deema Tamimi- Web Marketing Consultant, Model and Fashion Event Producer San Francisco

Intern Hall of Fame:


Ema Iwata – Cultural Creative


Morgane Le Gall – International Intern, Student of Sciences-Po Paris


Allie Wollner – Summer intern, Student of Brown University