West Coast Craft

West Coast Craft is a bi-annual free and open-to-the-public event that The Adventure School has helped plan since its conception in 2013. West Coast Craft is a high-class craft, design and fine art show held at Fort Mason Center’s 50k square foot Festival Pavilion.

The Adventure School’s role is organize, inform and coordinate 275+ exhibitioners, artists, and vendors and manage the event production prior to and at the event. The Adventure School has written and executed all the event logistics and has provided an excellent show experience for its participants and attendees. The attendee count has grown with every show with a recent show yielding over 17k visitors through the course of a weekend.

The Adventure School also plans the vendor after party, VIP room, food and beverage, workshop series and kids craft area. West Coast Craft is a complete event where guests can enjoy an entire weekend.

Photos shot by Myleen Hollero