See Listen Taste Feel

See Listen Taste Feel was a fundraiser for The Henry Art Gallery, a contemporary art museum in Seattle. The Adventure School partnered with artist Jeppe Hein to transform an unused industrial space into party central.

The event unfolded in a story-like fashion. The evening began with guests entered from the parking lot, set with burning barrels into the cocktail hour set with a large site specific installation entitled 360º Illusion and entertainment by composer Zeke Keeble and bassist Evan Florey-Barnes and Merce Cunnigham Duo. Curtains were then opened to reveal a foggy room with 30 oversized tables each with a huge white orb overhead. After a dinner by Jonathan Sundstrom of Lark, the tables were stripped of their dishes and linens to reveal the dining tables were ping-pong tables. A Berlin style ping-pong tournament ensued with all guests. A video of exploding croquembouche shown across all of the walls and the marching band Orkestar Zirconium segued the occasion into a dance party. The curtains were then re-opened to reveal a banging party of lower dollar donors eating glam desserts from Bakery Nouveau’s chef/owner William Leaman, Champion De Monde de la Boulangerie. Epic party time ensued.

Photos shot by Jenny Jimenez