Zig Zag Bam Bam

Zig Zag Bam Bam was an “after party” style event held amidst X Summit, a three day conference for Autodesk design and marketing teams. The Adventure School took a run-of-the-mill circus theme and gave it a new aesthetic layer of dazzle camouflage. With only an hour and half to set up, The Adventure School put together decor, talent and activities for 300+ guests.

Zig Zag Bam Bam was held in a skyroom at the top of a hotel with vista shots around the perimeter of the building. The party space was heavily segmented and made for a great choose-your-own-adventure event format. Performance spaces with circus performers, magicians and musicians let people relax and enjoy amazing talent while play spaces with a shadow puppet theater to show off their handmade puppets and a station to make your own hula hoop allowed guests to showcase their own talent.

The threshold for guest involvement was low, with the invitation asking for guests to wear black and white and as a result guests felt invested in the party. Out-of-town guests had the opportunity to dress up while at the event with such activities as the maker-over, cape making and black & white nail decal application stations. The event also featured a cover band formed by employees at the conference aptly named the Zig Zag Bam Bams, amping up the guests and making a performance space out of yet another portion of the party.